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About Us

Company overview

Enrichyourmind.co.uk is an organization that was set up with the vision to engage and stimulate the minds of the youths and young adults through stories and a variety of training sessions that will inspire them to not just dream bold dreams but to go out and make it happen.

we believe that every person an unraveling story and every passing day is a chance to add a few more pages to that story and share it because the world is waiting to hear it.

Enrichyourmind.co.uk– we help people discover their greatness and live true to it.

How we work

Our mission

Back in 2017, it was just an idea in the mind of our founder, but it has evolved and impacted to many people, and our mission is to impact over 10,000 youths and young adults  across Africa and around the world in half a decade through several online sessions:

  • Reading Competition
  • Writing Competition
  • Mentorship sessions
  • Online Training