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Double G, his mates called him. He was always in his own world. He walked alone, hung out with himself and sometimes hung out with his mates. Nobody ever messed with him. not because they wouldn’t want to, but he carried himself with such a dignity that people just didn’t bother him. The outstanding thing about Double G was, he knew how to keep himself company.

During break times, he would often go to the oak tree and sit under it and enjoy the fresh breeze, occasionally, he would have a bud or two with him. He was a man of few words, very courteous and friendly. He didn’t bother anybody and nobody bothered him. sometimes he would disappear away from school for a long time, a week, a month and then he would reappear, fresher than he was the last time and very nice and calm as always.

It was during a math’s lesson and Double G’s  class had some dodgy characters, students who were so full of testosterone and excitement that they thrived in mischief. It was more or less like, if they didn’t have a mischief, their day was not made. It was just after the afternoon break, teachers were still clearing the playground and the eating areas, when Double G’s class arrived the famous room 101. Mr. Scrooge was the math’s teacher and he was nicknamed Mr. Scrooge because students thought he resembled Dickens’s creation. Mr. Scrooge usually wore body tight trousers and shirts. His face barely bore a smile and he was always talking about big terms in math lesson like Pythagoras, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, hypotenuse, Fibonacci sequence, etc. There was something about those words – it made him feel empowered. It made him feel so good and proud of himself as a math’s teacher. He would often talk about, back in his days how he learnt math using the four figure table, seven figure table, slide rule. How he memorized the times table up to 15X.

One day his students came for a math lesson and found Mr. Scrooge writing tons of equations on the board. The board was literally filled corner to corner with equations. He was just rounding off the last bit when the students arrived and Mr. Scrooge had to wipe off all the equations from the board. He was soaked in perspiration. He heaved a sigh of relief and there was this sinister smile that crept up his face. His students were thoroughly dazed at this abnormal behaviour.

His starter sessions always started with mental math that were near impossible to solve without a calculator. He would often times ask random questions like what’s an hypotenuse? What’s the cosine rule? What is the formula for solving quadratic equation? Spell parallelogram, etc. The students came to believe that he deliberately wanted to humiliate them in order to showcase his mathematical prowess. One day, Daryl asked him a math riddle question that he could not answer. Dennis answered the question and Mr. Scrooge was humiliated.  He barked all day at the students. He brought up more difficult words and at the end of the day, the news had spread like wild fire across the school about his inability to answer a simple math riddle.

The next day Double G’s class had a lesson, and Mr. Scrooge surprised them with a test and of course, it was a very difficult test. Double G never worried himself about tests and exams. He wasn’t the brightest of guys, and his grades never bothered him.

On the day of this test, Double G happened to be around the school and he just stared at the paper in front of him, took his pencil and wrote non stop. Everybody was wondering what Double G was writing considering the fact that he barely came to school. He kept writing and solving equations till Mr. Scrooge’s timer went off and the scripts had to be handed in.

Ms. Stetson appeared and wanted to have a quick word with Mr. Scrooge. In a jiffy, the test scripts disappeared.

“Nobody is leaving this room until I see the test scripts”

Silence everywhere. The whole class seemed like a microphone that has been muted.

A search was conducted. Every bag was searched and every desk up-turned and the scripts could not be found. Mr. Daniel the head teacher was called in and the cameras were checked and nothing was found.

Frustration set in to Mr. scrooge and the head teacher, Ms. Stetson. A long sermon was preached to the students about the need to have integrity and always speak the truth.

At the end of the day, they had to let the students go.

“Double G, do you know who took the scripts?”

“Yes I do.”

“Can you tell me? I won’t say it’s you who told me.”

“I am not bothered about you saying, it’s me. Do I look like a scary cat like you? I am not going to tell you.”


Because you have made math lesson  not a delight and you need to be taught some lesson.”



  1. The essence of teaching is the ability to transmit knowledge.Mathematics is no rocket science and join my guy Double G in asking the teacher to go find the missing sheets since he is fond of asking us to go find X as if it is on the shelves.

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