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Another Stormy Night

The rugged fisherman were out and about, it was The Sea of Galilee. The men who understood the seasons and tides. The sail was up and they were steering the boat the best way they knew how to. The storms came raging, it was getting out of control. Lightning struck. The rains fell like heavens was releasing a long overdrawn fury on the earth. Risk and danger of the boat capsizing and the occupants perishing was imminent. Water was being scooped out of the boat, their hands were aching, their hope of putting the situation under control was lost. Their skills, expertise, experience, and strength had failed them. They saw their bodies being food to the sharks in the waters. All hopes seemed dashed. They thought of all the unfinished businesses they had. People who owed them that family members did not know about. They thought about all the projects that they had at the verge of completion.

Back home, their wives looked at the clock, it would soon be time for the men to return. What would they eat when they got back? Fresh olives is a near must for the starters. Fermented grapes and water from the well is always very refreshing. Freshly baked bread would often follow with grilled fish and lamb chops. Desserts would perhaps be fresh fruits. After the meal, they would sit around the tree in the garden and tell tales to recapture the events of the day. The women looked forward to this part. Though, they were not out with the men, but the art of storytelling especially from Peter made the scene come alive. This is where and how they felt like participants in the stories.

One item on the evening gossip would be about Joseph’s son, his latest exploits. Since that boy turned twelve he has been on the news a lot. Not because he wanted to, but his deeds put Him on the news all the time. He turned water into wine in a wedding event. This wine was the best. In wedding events, the best wines were served first and the not so tasty wines were preserved for last servings. However, in this instance the best wine was served last out of sheer providence. Wine had ran out in the wedding engagement, you know how it was, in the oriental cultures. Just like you would have in Nigerian society. You expect twenty guests and fifty turned up. Wedding events always attracted crowd, not necessarily, because people wanted to give gifts or wish the couple well. It was about the freebies. Free food and free wine. You could imagine the embarrassment when the wine ran out. The attendants didn’t know what to do. The woman who brought forth this Man was nearby.

“Whatever this Man tells you to do, do it” she whispered to the attendants.

“Who was He? Why do we have to listen to Him? What does He have to offer?” These questions must have rummaged through some of the attendants’ minds.

But those who were familiar with His exploits knew that there was a possibility of Him doing things considered impossible.

“Fill the jars with water” He commanded the attendants.

“Remember what his mother said”, one of the attendants reminded his mates.

They quickly scurried and brought the jars.

As the jars were being filled with water, it turned into wine instantly and this was the biggest scoop of the season. Everywhere folks sat to talk, that rare occurrence would crop up and people would amaze at the supernatural phenomenon.

The women checked the time piece. They were a bit late returning today. What must have gone wrong?

“Perhaps they have encountered another supernatural event that is keeping them late” one of the ladies muttered.

“After all, they went out with Joseph’ Son and anytime they went out with Him, it was not devoid of drama” another of the ladies added.

At another occasion, it was the case of Him driving out business people from the temple. They had turned the temple to a bureau de change. The temple was supposed to be a place of communing with Deity, a place of reading the scrolls and reminding themselves of the great promise that Mechizedek had given them. Instead, these men turned it into a business den and His anger was ignited. He brought out his belt and drove them out. All of them. Not one of them could withstand Him or fight back. Yet that was another marvel, another gossip item for moonlight talk. This Man was used to being on the news item. A few people saw something special about Him and threw off their regular schedules to follow this Man. They went with Him on his meetings and campaigns and though He was very unusual, they believed in Him.

The winds got harder, the sails broke, more water poured into the boat. The sea was furious. The boat narrowly escaped capsizing a few times. They were tired. They had had a tiring day at the services. Their backs ached. They needed sleep. They needed to steer to safety. All their skills had failed. Doom stared them in their faces. They watched how the great elements of the cosmic universe was going to swallow them up. They had given up hope. There was no mobile phone to call loved ones and wish them goodbye. There was no mobile phone to text the code of the secret vault to loved ones. If they perished, they would perish like unknown soldiers in a war.

Then they suddenly realized, they were not alone. Somebody was under the deck, sleeping.

“Quick, quick let’s wake Him” James pronounced.

“Oh yeah, that’s true. He is under the deck” John concurred.

“So you mean to say, all through the storm and winds He has been sleeping?” Matthew said in disbelief.

“Wake up, wake up good Sir, don’t you care that we perish?”

They shook Him on the shoulder.

He awoke with a stir, stretched His arms and the boat tilted with the rage of the sea. He yawned. He didn’t see the urgency.

“Why did you wake me?” He wondered. “I have had a hard day in the meetings and I needed this nap so badly,” He summed up in His mind.

“What did you say again?”

“Master carest thou not that we perish?”

“Oh no” He muttered. “For how long will you guys be operating like this. You have walked with me and seen me take control over nature. Why can’t you do the same? You of little faith” He berated them.

“Peace be still” He declared.

The great elements recognized that Voice. The very Voice that created them. They calmed. They stilled. Yet another marvel. How at just a wink of an eye, He calmed these phenomena and yet they, with all their skill sets and knowledge of the sea could do nothing.

The women checked once more, all the food was ready and at a moment’s notice it would be made hot for serving. Still no sign of the men. They had been gone for too long.

They waited and waited and from a distance a little commotion was heard and here they were discussing the great event they had witnessed as they walked towards their quarters.

The women couldn’t wait to hear the latest exploit by this Joseph’s son.

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