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  Another Stormy Night!

The rugged fisherman were out and about, it was The Sea of Galilee. The men who understood the seasons and tides. The sail was up and they were steering the boat the best way they knew how to. The storms came raging, it was getting out of control. Lightning struck. The rains fell like heavens was releasing a long overdrawn fury on the earth. Risk and danger of the boat capsizing and the occupants perishing was imminent. Water was being scooped out of the boat, their hands were aching, their hope of putting the situation under control was lost. Their skills, expertise, experience, and strength had failed them. They saw their bodies being food to the sharks in the waters. All hopes seemed dashed. They thought of all the unfinished businesses they had. People who owed them that family members did not know about. They thought about all the projects that they had at the verge of completion.

Back home, their wives looked at the clock, it would soon be time for the men to return. What would they eat when they got back? Fresh olives is a near must for the starters. Fermented grapes and water from the well is always very refreshing. Freshly baked bread would often follow with grilled fish and lamb chops. Desserts would perhaps be fresh fruits. After the meal, they would sit around the tree in the garden and tell tales to recapture the events of the day. The women looked forward to this part. Though, they were not out with the men, but the art of storytelling especially from Peter made the scene come alive. This is where and how they felt like participants in the stories.

One item on the evening gossip would be about Joseph’s son, his latest exploits. Since that boy turned twelve he has been on the news a lot. Not because he wanted to, but his deeds put Him on the news all the time. He turned water into wine in a wedding event. This wine was the best. In wedding events, the best wines were served first and the not so tasty wines were preserved for last servings. However, in this instance the best wine was served last out of sheer providence. Wine had ran out in the wedding engagement, you know how it was, in the oriental cultures. Just like you would have in Nigerian society. You expect twenty guests and fifty turned up. Wedding events always attracted crowd, not necessarily, because people wanted to give gifts or wish the couple well. It was about the freebies. Free food and free wine. You could imagine the embarrassment when the wine ran out. The attendants didn’t know what to do. The woman who brought forth this Man was nearby.

“Whatever this Man tells you to do, do it” she whispered to the attendants.

“Who was He? Why do we have to listen to Him? What does He have to offer?” These questions must have rummaged through some of the attendants’ minds.

But those who were familiar with His exploits knew that there was a possibility of Him doing things considered impossible.

“Fill the jars with water” He commanded the attendants.

“Remember what his mother said”, one of the attendants reminded his mates.

They quickly scurried and brought the jars.

As the jars were being filled with water, it turned into wine instantly and this was the biggest scoop of the season. Everywhere folks sat to talk, that rare occurrence would crop up and people would amaze at the supernatural phenomenon.

The women checked the time piece. They were a bit late returning today. What must have gone wrong?

“Perhaps they have encountered another supernatural event that is keeping them late” one of the ladies muttered.

“After all, they went out with Joseph’ Son and anytime they went out with Him, it was not devoid of drama” another of the ladies added.

At another occasion, it was the case of Him driving out business people from the temple. They had turned the temple to a bureau de change. The temple was supposed to be a place of communing with Deity, a place of reading the scrolls and reminding themselves of the great promise that Mechizedek had given them. Instead, these men turned it into a business den and His anger was ignited. He brought out his belt and drove them out. All of them. Not one of them could withstand Him or fight back. Yet that was another marvel, another gossip item for moonlight talk. This Man was used to being on the news item. A few people saw something special about Him and threw off their regular schedules to follow this Man. They went with Him on his meetings and campaigns and though He was very unusual, they believed in Him.

The winds got harder, the sails broke, more water poured into the boat. The sea was furious. The boat narrowly escaped capsizing a few times. They were tired. They had had a tiring day at the services. Their backs ached. They needed sleep. They needed to steer to safety. All their skills had failed. Doom stared them in their faces. They watched how the great elements of the cosmic universe was going to swallow them up. They had given up hope. There was no mobile phone to call loved ones and wish them goodbye. There was no mobile phone to text the code of the secret vault to loved ones. If they perished, they would perish like unknown soldiers in a war.

Then they suddenly realized, they were not alone. Somebody was under the deck, sleeping.

“Quick, quick let’s wake Him” James pronounced.

“Oh yeah, that’s true. He is under the deck” John concurred.

“So you mean to say, all through the storm and winds He has been sleeping?” Matthew said in disbelief.

“Wake up, wake up good Sir, don’t you care that we perish?”

They shook Him on the shoulder.

He awoke with a stir, stretched His arms and the boat tilted with the rage of the sea. He yawned. He didn’t see the urgency.

“Why did you wake me?” He wondered. “I have had a hard day in the meetings and I needed this nap so badly,” He summed up in His mind.

“What did you say again?”

“Master carest thou not that we perish?”

“Oh no” He muttered. “For how long will you guys be operating like this. You have walked with me and seen me take control over nature. Why can’t you do the same? You of little faith” He berated them.

“Peace be still” He declared.

The great elements recognized that Voice. The very Voice that created them. They calmed. They stilled. Yet another marvel. How at just a wink of an eye, He calmed these phenomena and yet they, with all their skill sets and knowledge of the sea could do nothing.

The women checked once more, all the food was ready and at a moment’s notice it would be made hot for serving. Still no sign of the men. They had been gone for too long.

They waited and waited and from a distance a little commotion was heard and here they were discussing the great event they had witnessed as they walked towards their quarters.

The women couldn’t wait to hear the latest exploit by this Joseph’s son.

Uwem Mbot Umana©2020


  1. This story is a literary depiction/account of Mark 4:35-41.

    If one ever needed an in-depth analysis of how that passage of scripture went down, the behind the scenes and everything in between, then this story did justice to it; so apt!

    This story offers a complete breakdown of what happened before Jesus calmed the storm and what happened right after, it is also noteworthy that the writer was able to introduce another angle to that event by bringing in the concept of “family”, and this took the story to another level completely, it made it more than a story we just read in the Bible but something having doses of reality that readers can relate with and empathize with.

    Just as we have different versions of the Bible: the likes of KJV, NIV, MSG, etc., to help Bible scholars assimilate the Scriptures with ease, Uwem Mbot Umana did a beautiful work of providing a revised version of that Bible passage; Mark 4:35-41.

    This is quite an amazing feat!

  2. Was it another furious stormy sea or a night of supernatural adventures or a call to reassessing our inner circles or a combination of all?

    The story Another stormy night by Uwem Umana is a religious(Biblical) non-fiction that brings to limelight the need for courage, family love/friendship, Faith, as well as the need for daily doses of the ‘Miraculous’ in our everyday’s lives.

    This story was about the adventures of some group of men who journeyed on the sea of Galilee. These men who were more of professional Fishermen than excited sea travellers were faced with a furious storm, one they didn’t expect to be that harsh especially as they journeyed together with one of their own— the mysterious miraculous whiz of a man, Joseph’s Son.

    I love how this story reiterates the long, existing yet currently forgotten truth that life wouldn’t always be as you plan, that life comes with its shares of storms which depending on how we see and confront them, could either capsize ones life or could serve as channels to higher glory.

    I love how it also buttressed the need for us to love and care for our families, the need for us to appreciate and compliment people, the need to speak our minds out to our families especially positive statements as life’s challenges and situations may just take any one away at any time leaving us with the ” I wished I said this” or “if only I had one last time” regrets in our hearts.

    In addition to all these, I loved how this story highlighted the need for us to have the Mysterious Miraculous Man,. a Joseph’s Son in our lives, one I believe should also be in or included in our inner circle of friends, someone we respect and believe in his/her ability to see right through us and help us out when we are hooked.

    This Joseph’s Son should be one who we know is not affected by time or seasons, who would daily perform miracles to what seem impossible or irredeemable. One who would always add the extra oil we may need, who would grease our palms when it becomes weary of pushing and striving, one who would appreciate our faith in being better and see that our hopes aren’t dashed to pieces. One we know would feed our souls with strength, one who has tasted what it’s like to be human and what it’s like to face challenges.

    I strongly believe we all need a Joseph’s Son in our lives not only as our inner circle of friends, but also as the ‘supernatural’ one. This story highlighted to me, the need for us to have faith in a supernatural, supreme being —who to me is God.

    The author’s purpose for writing this story was not only to tell us about life’s contingencies and the need for relentless, ceaseless love towards one’s family but to also point us to the existence of a force so divine and supernatural, one who we will need as a cornerstone in our lives, one who plays pivotal roles in our daily lives whether we are aware or not. I believe His purpose for writing was to show the need for uplifting and respecting our inner circles and I believe this story portrayed the writer’s purpose just fine.

    I am also of the opinion that the author tried to point us to the fact that the resources or persons needed for us to have the breakthroughs, success or achievement is within our boats.

    This means that apart from the virtues needed by a person to succeed, there is also the need to assess the boat we paddle. This boat is our inner circle of friends and family, people we let into our dreams. It points us to the need to have people who won’t sleep away on us or on our dreams, who won’t tell us our dreams are impossible, who won’t see our zeal towards life as crazy but would stand right up for us and help speak stillness and peace to our hearts when the rivers of doubts and frustration rise within and around us.

    Another salient message the author relayed was that there are always people looking up to us or hoping on us. There are and will always be people whose Joy is dependent on us and if we fail, they too fail. There are people whose satisfaction depends on our coming back home successful and we must not fail them.

    The entirety of this story’s settings is adorable and lovable. I really enjoyed the scenery especially how they conversed with one another under trees, enjoying both natural love and intimate love. I delightfully say the settings was perfect and good.

    Furthermore, I like how the author told this story. It’s true it’s a well known Biblical event but I appreciate how he told it in a unique way such that even a non-christian could read it and still get lessons from it. I particularly loved the way he coined the ‘Joseph’s Son’. It made it inviting to all people of different religions without causing any biases or after thoughts.

    The characters played their roles beautifully. I love how they showed their courage against the storm, how they didn’t give up even when the physical eyes could see that they were going to drown, still, they never stopped trying. I loved how they expressed their panic and fear, how they had these ‘last minute’ thoughts every human would always have when faced with doom or death, how they were able to express this panic in the right amount needed to this ‘Joseph’s Son’ who I suppose may not have taken them seriously if not for how they expressed their panic.

    It caught my interest at how the characters at the wedding were able to obey promptly. I know they were already told to do so but putting myself in their shoes, I wonder if I would have totally done that. Well, I believe I may but not without much doubts— maybe because of how he may have looked the ‘not-so-superpowerful’ or what?

    But then I got to learn that the person who may be of great help to me most times may not always look like who I expect or may look so ordinary to the eyes in such a way that my ignorance and insensitivity may cause me to be contemptuous towards this person and in a way hinder myself unknowingly.

    I stop to ask myself what if they had delayed obeying the Joseph’s Son or didn’t still obey him despite being told to do so, I believe it would have ended badly.

    I aslo wonder and ask myself, What if they didn’t have a Joseph’s Son in their boat that night? Or what if they didn’t value him as they did to ask for his help? This story pointed me to the fact that I needed not only to have inner circles in my life but to be sensitive enough to know when to call them in for help.

    The plot of this story was well structured. I appreciated the flow of the story especially how the fury of the storm was described, it could set the imaginative ball of the reader rolling. It was really beautiful I must say. I also loved how the women were always suspense filled, always expectant of their husbands, always longing to hear all about their day. This to me shows that a very strong, loving marriage/friendship bond existed between them.

    The themes of this story were those of courage, hope,perseverance, love and faith.

    Amidst other lessons of being courageous, persevering and hopeful, I learnt the need to always respect and honour each person in my life because the amount of my respect and value for them determines the output I get from them. This is because they may have two or more important roles to play in my life in order for me to fulfill purpose and if I don’t value them despite their appearances, then I may not get so much from them. If I don’t respect them and appreciate their presence in my life, then my familiarity may cause my hindrance.

    Personally, this story has resounded more reasons to me why I need to have a friend for a partner than a stranger. I love the way their wives waited for their husbands and I would proudly say they were tight friends in marriage for them to portay such intimacy.

    I wouldn’t say this story had a twist or an unexpected ending but it is very commendable to state how the author employed good literary devices such as metaphor and personification to illustrate the story further.

    I love this story, it has lots of lessons embedded in it, lessons which shouldn’t be trodden on but mined out and yes, I would gladly recommend this story.

  3. Another stormy night is what we can term a religious non-fiction. It is a unique blend of value imbibing stories culled Friday m the Bible and retold beautifully in simplifying and captivating ways by Uwem Mbot Umana’s unique pen. It is a lovely piece. I love it for its simplified and appealing nature. Also, I love its lessons, values and themes.
    Everyday, in life, we are faced with various challenges of which some are very scary. Another stormy night transports us to an ordinary night with extraordinary events in the far past. It is set in the medieval town of Galilee and a fishing boat in the sea of Galilee. As usual, the men are out on the sea of Galilee, fishing, while their wives and children wait patiently for them at home. But, this evening’s fishing is nothing close to the ordinary, the fishermen have someone extraordinary on their boat. This extraordinary ordinary man is famous in the town of Galilee for his miraculous deeds. From the age of twelve, he became a public figure in Galilee. The women and children gossip about his deeds, the men marvel at this extraordinary man, this man who had been bold enough to drive out the traders who had been marketing in the temple meant for worship.
    We are brought into the story as the fishermen are hit by a very deadly storm. Their boat is hit hard and their skills and experience fail them. Nothing they do or try seems to be working. The capsizing of the boat is imminent. The fishermen’s lives begin to flash before their eyes. This particular storm was going to be their end. Thoughts of loved ones and friends come to mind, they think of all the “unfinished business” they had. How would their families go on?
    While this disaster looms at sea, the mothers, wives and children are back home, unaware of the threatening end to their sons, husbands and fathers lives. To them, it’s just another evening. Fermented grapes, freshly baked bread, grilled fish, lamb chops and lots more are being prepared for the men. The women, especially, are awaiting expectantly, the return of the men. They want to hear the usual tales of the day’s events. They love the tales more when it contains news about deeds of Joseph’s son, the extraordinary man.
    Just as all hope is lost and the fishermen are waiting for their dreadful end, they remember that Joseph’s son, the extraordinary man was on the boat with them. If anyone could do something about the storm, he could. They rush below and find him sound asleep. They wake him up. What next?
    Another stormy night is a very captivating story. As I said earlier, I love the ability of the author to simplify or rather to tell the story in away that is comprehensible and believable. The author does a really good job in retelling these tales from the Bible.
    I also like the values and lessons found in the story. The story teaches us the importance of obedience. If the servants at the wedding mentioned in the story had not obeyed Joseph’s son, he wouldn’t have turned the water into wine. Obedience is a very important virtue which everyone must try to acquire.
    The story also teaches us about the inconsistencies of life. Just like the sea, life is not designed to give us what we expect. The fishermen had gone out expecting another normal fishing trip but what they got was a storm. We cannot predict what happens to us in life and therefore, should try to be prepared in every necessary way for whatever comes our way. We can see in the story that one of the mens’ concerns was “unfinished businesses”. The story teaches us that we should try to have lesser “unfinished businesses”.
    Another stormy night also brings to light the need man has to believe in the supernatural. From time immemorial, man has always been awed by things which seem supernatural. Anything extraordinary becomes a source of attraction and hope. In Another stormy night, “Joseph’s son” attracts the attention of the people because of his supernatural and miraculous deeds. His supernatural work is also the reason the fishermen called on him in their dark hour. Another stormy night reminds me of what Robert Greene said in his book, The 48 laws of power. He said, ” create compelling spectacles “, he says that people are attracted to anything out of the ordinary.
    I believe that the author’s purpose for writing this story is to retell a biblical story in a very simplified and captivating way so that, readers can easily pick up the lessons found in the story. To me, the author fully achieves this purpose. The story is told in a very realistic and believable way. I mean, the readers are made to understand the situation well. The characters are well developed, their emotions, feelings, actions and personality are well described. The plot is well structured and the setting and genres are both appropriate.
    Another stormy night is not very suspenseful and at the same time not very predictable. The author makes use of good imagery and literary devices.
    In conclusion, I must say that the story is very good. Not many author’s have the ability to retell a story in the powerful way Uwem Mbot Umana does. I strongly recommend the story as a good read.

  4. “Another Stormy Night” authored by Uwem Uwana is an account of the event that took place in Mark chapter 4: 35_41 as described in the Holy book ( The Bible). Although, Uwem depicts the story in a more literary manner. I think the story is good as the author is able to envisage the story in relation to reality.

    The story gives an account of the struggles of the skilled fishermen as they scrabble to steady the boat.
    The main setting depicts a ‘raging or stormy sea’; temporary shifting between home, wedding feast and the temple. The main character is “Joseph’s son” and his followers who were ‘the fishermen’.
    The main problem posed in the story reveals struggle for their life on the stormy seas the sort means of possible escape.

    In my own opinion, I like the story as the author ;
    _ tells the story in such a way that one(especially one with no prior knowledge) wouldn’t think to relate it to ‘Bible stories but work of the mind.
    _ ability to relate the stories to realities, family, wives, food and emotions (eg. Fear, care etc)

    However, in my opinion, I dislike the abrupt switch to and fro scene/plot. And there were too many switches; thus it became quite cumbersome following through from the sea to the home, then wedding feast, temple and back to the sea. At some point I started wondering if actually the story is about a stormy sea or the numerous exploits of ‘Joseph’s Son’.
    The deviation was good but to some extent it became distracting; and quite a number of storyline was sum up in a single story.

    The author’s purpose was to paint a stormy night with its struggles and tools with how they characters involved overcame it. Thus, in my own words, it shows that either as an individual or family, would from time to time to time go through certain trials but at the end of the rope, there’d be’help’ waiting. Even in our struggles, we shouldn’t forget firstly, our heavenly father, friends and family that would always be looking out for us and awaiting our success.

    I believe the central idea is ‘help/saving grace’ especially when one least expected it. The characters thinks, feel and speak, even though the suspense was quite minimal, at some point I was almost beginning to loose enthusiasm. Albeit, it depicts a lesson one could learn from.

    In conclusion, I would say that the story is a good read.

  5. This is very intriguing!
    A craft of intellectual muse with creativity to cap it all.

    It is an event recorded in the Holy Book which is the Bible in Luke 8:22-25 or Mark4:35-41
    about a young man named Jesus

    The setting of the story is so captivating ,the writer put it in a way that gives you a broad view of the story

    The most captivating to me will be during the raging storm,the thought of the boat capsizing,the feeling of not seeing their loved ones , Joseph’s son as described by the story slept despite all of these ,these left the other members in total awe mixed with different thoughts wondering ;what sort of man sleeps during a raging and life -threatening storm?
    Then came when He was woken up
    from His ‘stir’
    to his question’Why did you wake me’
    which left his disciples stunned or rather say disarray
    Which made them ask ‘If he didn’t care they perish’
    he then questioned them that all these while you have been following me don’t you know I control nature?
    described them as ‘You of little faith’ ,
    ‘You of little faith?’hmmm…

    And then He said ‘peace be still’!
    The storm,the life-threatening storm ,the storm which brought the possibility of not seeing a new dawn,became STILL!
    What a wonder!

    A story which you can’t stop going over ,the more you read the broader your view on the story

    The writer did a brilliant job over the story.
    I just love the creativity put in the piece

    A well recrafted Masterpiece!

  6. This truly is great art of storytelling and story re-telling in a most captivating way on display.
    In this story ‘Another Stormy Night’, Uwem Umana has done an amazing job in bringing out the
    untold but existing aspect in this Bible Story. I love its easy to read style and its captivating nature.

    This is a story where we are ushered into the chaotic situation these hardworking fisherman have found themselves in this seemingly unfortunate stormy night on the sea. The thoughts going through their mind is so clearly brought out which we can all relate to. All the “what if’ thoughts that we humans entertain when things look as if it’s going sour.

    Interestingly too, the writer takes us to the home setting in Bible times. What could be going on in the homes of these fishermen. The feelings and thoughts of their wives in connection to the current events of their simple lives. Yes we are also introduced to an interesting, defining character simply called Joseph’s son, who keeps making the headline in the news especially the wedding where water was turned to wine and the bold drama he performed in the temple. And who also seem to serve as a comforting thought to these wives. “After all, they went out with Joseph’ Son  so we see that that to these women, since this Son of Joseph is with them, nothing can go wrong.

    If the writer’s purpose is to get us to read and be familiar with a Bible story, I think this was achieved. If the writer’s purpose is to help us understand the different areas in life that could surround a single event, it’s achieved. If the writer’s purpose is also to get the readers to develop reading skills where you go from one scene to another without losing the main thought of the story, then awesome this did it.

    We have also learnt from the story that though things may not always necessarily go bad even when all signs read so. We should keep hope alive, and also, if we look hard enough, the solution we seek, may just be ‘be under the deck sleeping’ as we see in the story.

    Personifying actions of elements of nature like; ‘…..heavens was releasing an overdrawn fury on the earth’ to helps the reader get a clear picture of the situation and get into the feelings of these fishermen, as well as the use of other figures of speech.

    I couldn’t help noticing the irony or should I say contradictions in the story too as the writer keeps us in the mind of these fishermen in danger and in the face of sure death…..the writer tells us that they were thinking of ‘People who owed them that family members did not know about or how could it be that as “Doom stared them in their faces. They watched how the great elements of the cosmic universe was going to swallow them up. They had given up hope.’ how could there be regretting that ‘There was no mobile phone to text the code of the secret vault to loved ones’. No, rather, in the face of such danger described the only concern here will be to at least survive.
    This is a story that is worth reading. it is interesting and loaded with lessons. i really enjoyed reading this story and also the exercise of reviewing it

  7. Interesting read.
    It brings to mind the Bible story as found in Matthew 8:23-27 reminding us that Jesus is always in control of our circumstances, and, when we trust Him, He will calm the raging inside our souls.
    When we’re in the midst of the storms of life,the perfect thing to do is cry out to Jesus. We must, “awaken” Him with our prayers. And it doesn’t have to be a flowery prayer, it can be as simple as saying “Lord, save me! I perish” because He isn’t interested in our creative speaking skills. What He wants from us is our hearts.

    “In the midst of the storm, all they could think of were unfinished businesses, people they owed and projects at the verge of completion.”

    “Their skills and strength had failed them”.: As humans, we want to be in control of everything. So instead of allowing Jesus take the steering wheel and guide us, we try to take matters into our own hands and then end up stuck in a dead end or crashing into something. When things don’t go the way we planned, we are tempted to ask God, “Why did you let such happen?”

    The story simply depicts the need for a daily relationship with God, Faith in God, courage & Agape love towards one another.

    “Then they suddenly realized, they were not alone. Somebody was under the deck, sleeping”: They had put Jesus in the booth. They had forgotten of the miracles that happens whenever He’s present. They believed their past experiences would suffice. Sometimes, we forget that we have no power of our own and Jesus shouldn’t be our last option. He shouldn’t only be remembered when we have problems. Acts 17:28a “For in Him we live, and move, and have our being” (He should be the centre of our existence).

    When we’ve got Jesus in our boats, we have all we need (Matthew 6:33a “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”).

    Their wives had no idea what went on at sea. They just prepared for their return and waited to hear stories about Joseph’s son. There are people who look up to us and are happy whenever we return.

    At the wedding event, the instruction was given “Whatever He tells you to do, do it” and to those that knew him not, they challenged the instruction in their minds “Why should we listen to Him?”, “Who was He?”
    Most times in life, the help we get comes from individuals we least expected.

    It’s one thing to have Jesus in your boat and another to know when to ask for help. Jesus was in their boat “sleeping” and the storm raged still. It was until they asked for help that it became still.
    The disciples thought “how is it that He sleeps peacefully inside and we are fighting for survival?”
    There will be times when we are afraid. We will see the storms of life come against us, causing us to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. He may even take us through the storm to the very edge of our breaking point to get our attention but the key to unlock fear is our worship and prayer time. Sometimes that is all we can do, but it is not a last resort but our front line and most important defense. When we fully learn to trust God, then we can obey and it will build our confidence so we will sail across those storm tossed seas of life in confidence as Jesus Christ is there beside us manning the helm!

    Interesting read I must say with lots of lessons to learn from.

    Cheers to the writer.

  8. Reading this piece was a journey back to the Bible; a reflection of the stormy night found in Matthew 8:23-27. What I really loved about the story was the writer’s ability to bring the story to life for everyone to relate to. Imagine being in the same boat, literally, as the disciples. They were about to die and all they could think of were the unfinished businesses they had, the people that owed them money and projects left incomplete (typical humans).

    Another aspect was the regular gist that happened between the women. At home, they would sit and wait patiently to hear stories of how the men’s day went because everyday with Joseph’s son was a day filled with something to talk about. If it wasn’t about Him turning water into wine, it was Him chasing the money changers out of the Temple or Him healing the sick or casting out demons. (Another typical aspect in the lives of humans).

    At the face of death, the men tried all they could to stay alive but it was all in vain. Then they remembered Joseph’s son sleeping and decided to wake Him. He wondered why they disturbed His sleep for such unnecessary trouble. At the sound of His Voice, everything became calm.
    This only portrays what most humans do. When we are in trouble, we remember God. The words Joseph’s son told the men is exactly what we should ponder over, “For how long will you guys be operating like this. You have walked with me and seen me take control over nature. Why can’t you do the same? You of little faith”… the company we keep will eventually influence the lives we live. These men have been with Him all these while, calming the storm should be a piece of cake to them. If we stay in close relationship with God, when we get faced with various storms in life, ”Peace be still” would be as easy as ABC. Worrying about overcoming the storm would not be a problem because we have someone who has shown us the way. Daily communion with Christ, gives us access to His promises.

    While trying to survive, everything failed them which is a daily reminder that we can’t live this life on our own. Our strengths, abilities, expertise and experience will surely fail but His Voice (God’s Word will never fail), we need Him everyday to be able to overcome every stormy nights in our lives.

    Coming from a different angle of life, this was worth reading!

  9. Another stormy night is a beautifully written story of a true event that happened long ago in the Christian Bible. Uwem Mbot Uwana really simplified it for even a lay man to comprehend. I like how he made the story relatable to this present age unlike typical ancient tales. He craftily added some interesting extras (family, delicacies, moonlight talks and so on) making the storyline simply awesome. Epic! I love how intelligently the writer chose his words and names, making this a universal read eve for non Christians too.

    This story centers on Joseph’s son and highlights the exploits He wrought even from an early age of twelve. From turning water into wine, to single handedly driving out merchants from the temple, to controlling the wind with the words from his mouth, Joseph’s son never ceased to amaze people with his mysterious wonders. He was the talk of the town. He and his disciples (of which some happened to be skilled fishermen) had embarked on a sea journey and had encountered a storm. They had panicked until they remembered Joseph’s son and called him to their rescue.

    Lots of lessons are embedded here. Three resonates with me the most. First is total obedience, like was displayed at the marriage incidence. Another is faith; lack of faith makes us worry over insignificant things, Joseph’s son ‘remained’ asleep because he believed in the power he had. Lastly, we see the incapability of the natural man even with all relevant skills to control the situation. There can be times when things go haywire, totally beyond our control; our only resort then is a supernatural being called God.

    The setting of this story is an ancient town in Galilee. The author’s purpose for writing is to promote his faith peacefully amidst religious discriminations; and it sure was achieved. However, the structure of the plot is a bit disordered. Different flashbacks were introduced at different points, making the story confusing for a while. All flashbacks could have been easily done at the beginning of the story, and the rest focused on the actual event. To the Christians, the story is obviously predictable.

    In all, the story is one that can be easily breezed through while reading. I highly recommended it to all and sundry.

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