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Author: Uwem Umana

Old Men Lie Too!

Chief was coming to visit. It had been a long overdue visit. We made preparations for the day. We made sure that there was enough victuals in the house. Chief was supposed to have been the main sponsor of our wedding, but he ducked out of it by claiming that he had to travel to […]

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My Heart Bleeds

My heart bleeds 7.pm 22.10.2020 It was dinner time in my home. During dinner time we always have conversations about how the day went and the things we achieved during the day, the challenges we faced and how we could deal with it better next time. The whole day at work, my mind was on […]

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A Call for New Nigeria

Study the visual image posted and answer the following questions   Give the photo a captivating title ? (10 marks) Identify the characters in the photo above (10 marks) What do you think is happening in the image above? (10 marks) Where do you think is the setting of this story? Give your reasons. (10 […]

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