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Author: Uwem Umana

Not Guilty

“I am not going to fold my arms and watch you fail. You are way smarter than you are acting right now. You sit in the class and mess about. Those who are not half as intelligent as you, do their work, hand in their papers and get their marks, while you sit there and […]

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For more than two weeks, my life has been reduced to hell due to the handwork of Asquith.  I was hoping to make a fresh start at preparatory international school, Lusaka, Zambia.  I enjoyed the particularly lovely weather of this new place.  It was sunshine all the way.  The school itself was a paragon of […]

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‘Hello” “Yes 999, how can I help?” “I am calling from Abu Dhabi corniche, the beach, the waters”. “How can I help ?” “There is a body floating on the beach” “I am sorry I don’t understand you” “I said there is a body floating on the beach” “You mean a dead person” “I don’t […]

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