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Turning point

Brriiiiiiing brriiiiiiing! ‘Oh, it’s him’. I was wondering why he signed off the chat without a proper bye. But again I have never understood him. One of the things that has kept me going with him, is this sense of curiosity. He always does things that throws me off balance and makes me wanna investigate […]

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Walking down the gang way, she was intoxicated with the prospect of meeting with Amir. Their last meeting was too short. It was in a shopping mall at Maputo. She ran into him at Berts pharmacy. He had a cold and was purchasing some pills. “Hi Amir darling!” “Oh Hi Anita”. “How are you?” “I […]

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The first time I saw Marmanie was in the corniche. He was a fella with average build and a bit of wild hair. He looked like someone who was in need of a shave so badly and someone who would do with a hair cut. I was out cycling with Uyai when I sighted his […]

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There are some people you meet in life and you couldn’t forget them in a hurry. Danbuzza is one of such characters. So many things intrigue us about different characters and these are what I call the beauty of life. Danbuzza is from the Pharaoh’s land. He is about fifty years old. He smokes very […]

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The Pearl by Pearl Umana

    The Main Frame Calculator that makes all the calculators in the world work is stationed in Pearland. There is a special Pearl in this Calculator that powers this Calculator. This Pearl was gotten from the Arabian Sea and is now extinct. All calculators in the world have stopped working. Loads of complaints have […]

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Advice from a good friend

July 1998 Sitting in the dimly lit living room of my friend Mr. Akpanadiamkpo, I ruminated in my mind about Oyo State. I tried to recollect what I knew about Oyo State. It’s in western Nigeria, I thought. It’s a traditional society. It’s a Muslim state. It is ruled by an Alaafin. It is home […]

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