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For more than two weeks, my life has been reduced to hell due to the handwork of Asquith.  I was hoping to make a fresh start at preparatory international school, Lusaka, Zambia.  I enjoyed the particularly lovely weather of this new place.  It was sunshine all the way.  The school itself was a paragon of […]

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‘Hello” “Yes 999, how can I help?” “I am calling from Abu Dhabi corniche, the beach, the waters”. “How can I help ?” “There is a body floating on the beach” “I am sorry I don’t understand you” “I said there is a body floating on the beach” “You mean a dead person” “I don’t […]

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The last embrace…

He held on so tight. He had muscled all his strength, summoned all his courage, walked all by himself from the living room to the corridor that led to the front door. It was a cold wintry day, Ntafiong, the Mayor of Milton Keynes was waiting to ferry me to Heathrow. I must be at […]

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That phone call

On the bus everyday, he talked the loudest, he cracked the most jokes. He had such a hearty personality. He is life itself. The bus ride was never the same in his absence. He broke the ice. He knew how to pull each of his mate out of the conundrum of gloom. Each morning we […]

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Hassan – One of the rewards

Abu Dhabi International airport – terminal 3 Having just passed through the initial security, I was on my way to the immigration desk. “Hello”, I said to the young immigration officer. “Asala maleikum”, he said back to me. I handed my passport over to him and he kept peering at the document. There was something […]

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One of the rewards

One of the greatest rewards about being a teacher, coach, mentor, writer and spiritual man is the satisfaction you get when you see lives that you have encountered along your journey in live being transformed positively as a result of the impact you have had on them. When these folks are plotting their time line, […]

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