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Tricked by dad

“Come on men, tell me what’s going on?” “Teacher it was my dad.” “What about your dad.” “Well he asked me to do it the first time and now he is asking me to do it again.”   During the drive from the college to the factory, Mr.Ndueso observed that Fahd always slept on the […]

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The silent party

It was a long tunnel that was lit with bright lights. Mira, and Kenny walked on for what seemed like ages. Finally, they negotiated a last bend and the sign boldly written read“EIGHTEEN? YES, CONTINUE! NO, TURN BACK!” Mira and Kenny looked at each other and walked on.  The lights were now blinking, giving sharp […]

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Go and chase it

There was a mild rap on the door. “Come on in” a voice from the inside boomed. Jazz opened the door and the huge oak paneled door slid open and he stepped in. The man who sat on the strong leather steel chair was peering at something on the computer screen. Jazz took a quick […]

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