Only the snore indicated that he was alive. He looked and seemed lifeless. From the moment he sank into the chair and fastened his seat belt, he was gone. All the safety drills and emergency procedures passed him over the head as he was in dreamland already. Forty minutes into the flight, no shuffle or movement, only the snoring sounds and the change in gears. Breakfast was served, cleared and lunch was served, still he was sleeping. Finally, eight hours into the flight, he woke up, went into the toilet came back and sat back.

“Hi” I said.

“Hi” he responded.

By this time the tall masculine lady who was serving that cabin walked by and flashed him a smile.

“Finally” she said

“Yes, finally” he responded.

“You must be terribly exhausted, you have been sleeping for the past eight or so hours. What would you like?” she asked.

“Water please” he said.

In a jiffy, the lady was back with water. He drowned the 1.5L bottle of water at one go, not even a pause. The lady had wanted to serve him the water in cups but he declined, insisting on drinking from the bottle itself.

“Some food for you sir?

“Yes please.”

“What would you like to have, even though the options are fewer now?” The masculine lady asked.

“Can I see the menu please?”

“If I am not mistaken, what we have now is only lamb curry with rice.”

“Ok can I have some please?”

“Be right back” she darted away.

“That was a long sleep you had there” I teased him.

“Yep”, he said and “I need some more after my meal” he concluded.

“Wow, you must be really tired” I tried to probe.

“That’s an understatement” he went on.

“I see” even though I did not see anything. “By the way, my name is Danladi” and I extended my palm to him. He grabbed it and shook it. I noticed that from a distance, the palm looked supple but when he grabbed my palm, there was so much energy in that palm. It was like receiving an electric shock. My whole body seemed electrocuted. This was so strange. I was baffled. This man has not been in contact with any electronic device since he came in and sat down yet the electromagnetic field he carried was so great.

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