Convention does not work

She checked the number on the front door, it was correct, number 674. The last time she visited this address in New York was twenty five years ago. It was during the 21st birthday celebration of Devon Morsley. It was a cold wintry day but everybody was determined to make it work for Devon. Devon was the nephew of Mrs. Ida Watson. Family members had travelled from across the  United States and Canada to share the special day with Devon. Devon had had a life threatening injury when he was nine years old and miraculously pulled a recovery. For eleven years Devon was bed ridden and had to be catered for. His carer was stuck in snow that particular day and he watched a programme on TV entitled ‘you can make it work’. He saw how Katrina Wolf got up out of the wheelchair and walked all by herself. She had healed herself by confessing healing day and night until her body had no option but to obey her.

Devon shut his eyes and imagined himself doing the things he had always wanted to do. He imagined himself swimming. He imagined himself in the mountains, biking. He imagined himself with his brother Alphonsus racing. He imagined himself play fighting with Alphonsus. He imagined himself playing with other mates. He imagined himself at school sitting on a desk and learning in the classroom. And then he would switch back to his bed, to that reality of being bedridden. He did this religiously for three months. One morning he realized that he felt a slight tingling on his left leg. He didn’t tell anyone. He didn’t know what to make out of it. He thought that it was another imagination of his. He continued with his practice of self-healing. Then the sensation got a little more intense by the day and before the end of that week, he had developed some feelings on his leg.

Alphonsus had mistakenly poured some hot water on Devon’s foot. It was the water that was given to him every morning for his body cleaning. It was normally brought hot and then cold water would be added to it to make it lukewarm. Devon yelled at the water on his skin. Alphonsus was surprised. A few times that spillages like that had occurred, Devon wouldn’t feel anything. Only the scald on the skin.

“Why did you have to do that?” Devon yelled in pain.

“What!” Alphonsus exclaimed. “So you can feel now?”

That was the journey to his healing and rehabilitation. By the sixth month after watching Katrina wolf’s self-healing, Devon was walking. It made news in the family, community of friends and church.

So, his 21st birthday was special and that was why family members and friends from across the world came to make it special for him.

Mrs. Ida was now sixty-four years old. She was thirty-nine when she visited here last. The Morsley’s had relocated out of New York State to Pennsylvania and had let out their house to tenants.

Even though Devon’s mum, Eloise was nine years older than Ida, they were pretty close. And that was what necessitated Ida to take this trip to New York.

The door opened and Mr. Max stood in front of Ida. He noticed two burly people leaning over an orange Buick car parked on the roadside.

“Yes how can I help you” Max asked.

“I am looking for Mr. Max” Ida replied.

“Any problem?” Max asked

“I just want to have a little chat with Mr. Max” Ida carried on.

“Max is standing in front of you”

“Oh good to see you young man” Ida declared.

“Good to see you too”.

“My name is Mrs. Watson from Georgia. I have come to discuss an important matter with you with regards to your safety and livelihood.”

“Ok, is everything alright?”

“Yes, you can make everything alright.”

“Come on in then”.

“Thank you” Mrs Ida muttered inaudibly.

Eloise had wept over the phone to her sister that Max had refused to pay the rent for six months in a row now and because the process of evicting a tenant was so cumbersome, Eloise was not prepared for all the hassles, drama and solicitor’s fees that went with such a move. After the demise of Eloise’s husband, Max had been acting funny with rent payments. Ida hated seeing her sister so upset.

Once inside the house, Ida opened her handbag and brought out a Desert  Caliber and pointed it straight at Max’s face and held the trigger.

“Sshhhhh” she whispered.

“Don’t make a sound, otherwise I will blow your brains out, right now”.

“I got you”, Max managed to say.

“Where is Mrs. Morsley’s rent? I need it right now.”

The gun was right at his forehead now and those two burly men appeared through the door.

“I can make an online transfer to her account” Max said.

“Great. Bring out your phone and make the transfer now.”

By this time the two burly men were right behind Max. One to his right and one to his left and they all had Smith and Wesson .500. They stuck it to his side.

Max pulled out his cellphone and went online and did an online transfer to Mrs. Morsley’s account.

“Hello” the voice on the other end said.

“Hello”, Ida said.

Please confirm if the rental amount owed by Mr. Max has hit your account”.

“Ok, just a sec”.

After about two minutes, a “yes” came through.

“Good” Mrs. Watson snapped.

“Now listen son. If I ever have to come here again for this rent. Consider yourself dead. And trust me you don’t want to see me again”.

“Of course not”, Max managed to say.

Mrs. Watson slipped a piece of paper into Max’s palm as she walked out the door.

Max looked at it:

“Pay $820 to BoA…

Cost of flight, thugs and car rental.”


The two burly men accompanied Mrs. Watson to the waiting car and whisked her away.

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