Corona virus diary  3

When was the last time you saw someone on a suit or even a tie? Suits are rotting away in the wardrobes, all those designer ties are nicely stacked in the wardrobes. All those lovely shoes are gathering dusts and cobwebs.

When was the last time that you got so fascinated by a crow? A worm or a blossoming tree?

I saw an old friend, his beards had grown in length and width. He was now wearing a nice afro and looked like someone in a lockdown. His barber was at home mowing a garden and cooking pepper soup. His wife offered to shape his beard and cut his hair for him, then he remembered all the bad stuffs he used to do to his wife, he declined the offer.

Genuine care for people have been restored. ‘Stay safe’ is the new buzzword!

Life has taken a new meaning!

Spring wear – if you had the chance to buy the garments, where will you wear them to? You can’t travel. You can’t go to beaches. You can’t even wear them around the city centre because the place is shut. Perhaps you can wear it to the butchers to get meat and chicken, perhaps you can wear it to the shops to get grocery items, perhaps you can wear it around the park for a run and sprint, perhaps you can wear it to take the dog for a walk or the cat to the vet.

Life has taken a new meaning!

Everybody is now an active participant in the business of running the house. There is no excuse for and from anybody except those on the frontline whom we salute.

The most striking thing about this lockdown is how parents have been coerced to take responsibility for their children now. 

Want to find out what happens next?

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