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For The Love of a Mother

Mr. Wizzet was busy rearranging his room and changing desks here and there at Sparks Vocational Institute, Abu Dhabi. He quickly swapped the boards and turned on the projector. He brought out a fresh set of files and folders and dumped them on the front desk.

Abdul was still bent over his task.

“You must leave now Abdul. Tomorrow is another day. You come back  and finish your work.”

Abdul pulled his stuff together, bungled them into his folder while Mr. Wizzet was at the door receiving his next class.

Mr. Wizzet made it a point of duty to stand at the door and shake every student’s hand. He made sure that he ignited an eye contact with all of them. He would end up spending about 20 seconds with each student to contact their spirit and welcome them into his room. By standing there at the door, he clearly demonstrated that you were coming into his domain. By standing there, he made you feel welcomed by personalizing a greeting and handshake. By standing there, he took charge of the fact that, he was in control and also a collaboration.

As the last one was coming in, Abdul, was waiting by the door to jet out. Mr. Wizzet called him to himself, gave him a good handshake saying “good job buddy. I like your determination however you don’t have to finish everything in one day”.

“Thanks Mr. Wizzet. But I need to finish everything. It is a goal that I have set for myself”.

The next time Mr. Wizzet had a lesson with Abdul’s class, he moved Abdul away from his mates. He sat him alone in a quiet corner. Here Abdul was able to concentrate and figure out what he had to do. Abdul was not the brightest of kids but he had an irrepressible determination. He would not leave his work unfinished. His mates didn’t seem to care much about work once the lesson time was over. They wanted to move on.

Abdul took special interest on the spreadsheet that signaled his performance. Yellow meant absence, red meant failed and no color coding meant you are on safe ground. If you had a green, it meant outstanding. Abdul’s eyes were on the green. He wanted to populate his cells with the green color. He loved seeing his cells being highlighted with green. He was always asking what he could do to improve his grades.

Another significant thing about Abdul was that he never missed a lesson. He was always present for every single lesson. His attendance was 100%. He walked with a swag and wore such a beautiful smile. He looked disorganized from the outside. However, he was organized to a fault. His shoes were always shiny. He had a comb in his pocket and he only combed his beards. Mr. Wizzet was once tempted to ask him why he couldn’t extend such benevolence to his hair.

He spoke in a calculated manner and counted his words when he spoke. You needed to understand him to realize that you have to be patient with him. He gave utter consideration to whatever he wanted to say first before spewing it out. Some of his comments were too weighty for some of his mates. His comments were on the high end of the spectrum, being able to connect whatever he learnt to real life situations.

One time they were studying about timelines and the character the class used for the case study was Hisun, a Chinese. At first glance Abdul thought it was an error. He blurted in a calculated note “Mr. Wizzet why are the books we study always with the foreign names and stuff. What about Hussain and places in the Middle East?”

“You are correct Abdul. This is the sort of conversation I want to encourage you guys to have with me. If you notice Abdul, at the end of each unit, I always set work that relates to you transferring your knowledge to that of your context.”

Preparations were in top gear for the upcoming Eid holiday. The fast was drawing to an end and the students were genuinely tired. All what they wanted to do was come in, have a chat and check out of the room. Only the likes of Abdul could sustain a deep conversation and work ethics.

Two days to the end of the fast, Mr. Wizzet decided to ease out with the boys. They would stream into his classroom, sit down and have informal chats. Anytime Mr. Wizzet wasn’t teaching he preferred to stay in his classroom and work than go to his office space in the faculty building. Most of his resources were in his teaching room and since he didn’t share his teaching room with another person, he was cool with that.

In between his sessions, he would shut his door so that intruders would be avoided.  Mr. Wizzet had just finished teaching a class and was settling down to do some admin tasks when there was a knock on his door. He didn’t bother to open the door. The knock was persistent. Then it moved over to his window. He had no option than to open the door. Three of them came in without being invited.

“But folks I don’t have a lesson with you now” Mr. Wizzet said politely.

They pulled out chairs and sat down.

“Mr. Wizzet you can do what you have to do, we won’t bother you. We will sit here till we go” Kora said.

“No we won’t disturb you, Abdul chipped in”

“Mr. Wizzet just carry on with your work” Koura said.

In a swift sense of reaction, Mr. Wizzet decided to convert this to a moment.

“Let me get to know the boys on a personal level” he thought.

He stepped down from his desk on the platform and pulled a chair and sat next to them.

“So what are your plans for the upcoming Eid holiday?”

“I will be going to Dubai to spend time with my family” Koura responded. “I am looking forward to it so badly. My brother and sister will come to visit and we will see each other again” he concluded.

“I will head back to Ras al Khaimah” Kora joined in. “It’s going to be the same thing as in past Eid’s. I will be with my family and khalas!”

“I will be right here in the Centre” Abdul said. The rest of the boys laughed.

“Why?” Mr. Wizzet queried.

“Because I don’t have anywhere to go to.”

“What of your father?” Mr. Wizzet asked.

“His father is dead” Kora replied.

“Oh I am sorry to hear that. What of your mother?”

“My mother is in Yemen”.

“What about your siblings?”

“Well my sisters are married, so I don’t have anywhere to go to. I stay in the Camp all year round.”


They all laughed. Kora said “I have asked him to come with me to my house but he doesn’t want to come.”

Koura added “I have also suggested to him to come and spend some time with me but he doesn’t like the idea.”

Mr. Wizzet was apparently shocked and intrigued at what he heard.

“I have been here for seven months now” Abdul announced.

“How do you socialize and how do you spend your time?”

“Sometimes I get a pass and go to the mall on some weekends for a few hours. Sometimes I go to visit my mother at Yemen.”

“How do you get to the mall. You drive?”

“No I call a taxi and I get back with a taxi as well.”

“So how do you see your mum?” Mr. Wizzet asked.

“He doesn’t go there. Her mum goes to Egypt and he travels to Egypt to meet the mum” Kora said.

“You know there is war in Yemen and he can’t go there” Koura added as well.

“I spend my time studying in the night school for my diploma after my day time studies in the Centre” Abdul said.

“When I graduate from here, I hope to get a good job as an apprentice aeronautical engineer. I will rent an apartment and bring in my mother so that we can stay together as a family again.”

Mr. Wizzet’s heart was broken. Abdul spoke through all of these with ease, smile and charm. This is what has broken some people in life, this is what has damaged some people in life, yet for Abdul, this has been his fuel. This has been his drive, his motivator. To be united with his mother again. Nonstop studying. Paying the price now, so that he could be re-united with his mother.

Mr. Wizzet brought out his periscope and peered into the future. He saw Abdul sitting in an office bent over a plant drawing. He saw him driving back from work and his mama opening the door for him.


“Yes Mr. Wizzet.”

“Your future is very bright. You are going to be an epitome of success. Just keep it moving.”

“I know Mr. Wizzet. Thank you very much.”

They all stood up and pushed in their chairs and shook hands with Mr. Wizzet and walked away. They all wore that smile that knew no defeat.


Uwem Mbot Umana©2018


  1. For the love of a mother by Uwem Mbot Umana is a motivating young adult literary fiction which is a must-read for everyone of all ages. It is a story I love because of the abundant values and lessons bit has to offer.
    For the love of a mother is a short story set in a school, Sparks Vocational Institute, Abu Dhabi. It is about a young man, Abdul who is determined to pull himself and his mother out of the shackles of poverty. Abdul’s father is dead and things are tough for both him and his mother. Abdul schools in Sparks Vocational Institute, Abu Dhabi and is set to doggedly rise above the pains and struggles of having a single and financially incapacitated parent. Abdul’s determination is a very outstanding quality of his, It is what catches the attention of Mr. Wizzet, a teacher. Mr Wizzet is an experienced teacher who believes that it is necessary to know all his students on a personal level. He is attracted by Abdul’s irrepressible determination and becomes a coach and source of encouragement to Abdul. When Mr. Wizzet discovers that Abdul has no father and does not have the best of life, he is impressed by the fact that Abdul doesn’t allow himself to be deterred by his predicament but is bent on coming out of it. Other characters in the story are Kora and Koura, both who seem to be good friends of Abdul.
    For The Love Of A Mother is a nice story. Why have I tagged it so? Well, I love this story for a lot of reasons, this reasons can be merged into one solid reason which is; it’s lessons! The story has a lot to teach us. Before I launch into the lessons contained in the story, I feel that I should explain about the title, For the love of a mother. The major fuel that drives the motor of Abdul’s determination is his love of his mother. He works hard, focused on his tasks, desires to excel at his academics and ” populate his result spreadsheet cells with green ” all because he wants to salvage his mother from poverty. He does ll he does for the love of a mother.
    Now to the lessons in this story. This story teaches us about character and good values. Abdul is the personification of hardwork, determination, perseverance, tenacity, diligence, commitment and focus.
    Abdul recognizes that rather than allowing himself to get frustrated about his situation, the best thing to do is to do something about it and doing something about it means working hard in school. Abdul is also determined, he is determined to become something useful and productive, Abdul also perseveres, he denies himself most pleasures in order to study. He denies himself the pleasure of spending the holidays with his friends because he is committed and focused on his goal of becoming someone substantial in life.
    This story teaches us about our attitude. It teaches or reminds us about the fact that we cannot determine what happens to us in life but we can choose how we react to them. We can choose to turn the sour lemons life gives us into lemonades. Abdul could have easily gotten frustrated and depressed by his situation, he would have become demoralized, hating himself, hating his mother, hating his late father, and even hating life itself. But he didn’t do any of these, he rose above his situation.
    For the love of a mother reminds me of another short story still by Uwem Mbot Umana titled Nature’s fury. In Nature’s fury, we see something somewhat similar to Abdul’s case, a girl named Maria works hard and excels in her academics and sport despite having suffered physically and socially during her childhood. Maria, just like Abdul doesn’t allow herself to be deterred by her circumstances.
    I believe that the author’s purpose for writing this story is not just to entertain readers but to convey a lesson to us about determination and attitude. I believe that the author successfully achieves this purpose. The setting of the story which is a school is also very appropriate and fitting. The author makes use of some literary devices and image such as metaphor in the story.
    Although the story is not very suspenseful, I love the way it ends. It ends in a way that allows readers to ponder and complete the story according to their own discretion. What happens to Abdul?
    The theme of this story is Drive, motivation and determination.
    In conclusion, I must say that no human work is perfect or faultless, the story definitely has its faults but perhaps the beauties of the story outweighs it’s faults so much that I can’t quite put my fingers on the faults. I do not just recommend this story to youngsters but to everyone especially those who feel as if life is being so unfair to them. Turn your lemons into lemonades!

    • For The Love of a Mother is a short story, casting the life of a young, determined child, Abdul under the microscope. We see Abdul via the eyes of his teacher Mr Wizzet, who himself is an outstanding tutor and pays particular attention to each and everyone of his students.

      Abdul, was unlike other kids ; he was hardworking, ambitious, determined and organized. His drive to make something of himself is commendable. He envisions himself, catering for his mother’s needs, whom he isn’t able to see as regularly as he would have liked as she resides in the war-torn nation of Yemen. He can only meet her in Egypt and wishes to take her out of Yemen and make her comfortable and safe.

      Mr Wizzet’s careful attention he pays to his students is admirable and commendable; he makes sure that he talks with them and this makes the students not to see his as some unapproachable authoritative figure but rather someone they can talk to when in need, someone they can seek advice and someone they respect and confide in. These are traits that led to the relationship between Mr Wizzet and Abdul. Mr Wizzet sees something special in Abdul and is determined to bring it to the fore. Abdul’s story and inability to find somewhere to go for the holidays is sad but when he talks about it he doesn’t seem sad ; he seems hopeful for the future which is commendable and something we should have to as people.
      Have a lovely week guys!

  2. Is it a display of the power of love or scenes that demonstrate the effectiveness of courage and determination and focus?

    The story For the Love of a Mother by Uwem Umana is a young adult fiction that portrays courage, perseverance, determination and power of love.

    It is the story of Abdul, a young adolescent in Abu Dhabi who would do all within his power to change his current narrative and fight for what matters to him.

    This story was a beautiful blend of love and warmth for a mother facilitated by the unflinching zeal and determination of the character, Abdul who has decided to break the chains of pity and redundancy, while persistently climbing the ladder to the fulfilling of his long awaited dream and for this reasons, I love it.

    I appreciate the fact that the story highlights virtues needed by the youths of today, virtues, the young character, Abdul undoubtedly possessed and portrayed despite all ills and menaces he had faced. This virtues are not only needed by the youth, but personally has reignited my zeal to break the barriers and norms that seem indestructible and strive for glory which amongst other things is not only possible but attainable.

    The author did a beautiful work in illustrating these virtues he needed us to see in the story especially in the main character, Abdul, as it would have been an exaggeration and disappointment if he described the character as dutiful but no actions wherewithal to show forth.

    The settings to me which was basically a classroom is the perfect setting for this young character. I believe the classroom is a place where dreams are moulded, shaped and forged into realities especially with Mr Wizzet who played an outstanding role of an experienced Potter. He, Mr Wizzet not only teaches but I see him pushing his students to become far greater than himself. I would also love to point out that the classroom could be any where, any place so far there’s a Potter and a ‘clay’ to be moulded and refined.
    The characters played unique and pivotal roles in achieving the author’s purpose for the story in a splendid manner.

    The other characters reinforced the fact that relationships are the bridges to greatness in life though Abdul is yet to discover this.

    Mr Wizzet, also demonstrated and fulfilled his role perfectly as he didn’t stop at being a peripheral teacher to these students, but went ahead to act as a mentor and source of motivation to them. I love his attitude to his teaching profession especially before his lessons and hope to see this imbibed over here in our schools.

    Abdul, the main character didn’t only show great love for his mother thus why he did the things he did, he also showed that love wasn’t enough. He demonstrated that true determination and focus towards his future was the ingredients he needed and this could be seen in his everyday’s work thereby reaffirming the proverb that goes “Charity begins at home”. I loved that he not only wished for a great future but started right from where he was to be great and determined in the very little details of his life.

    Despite all these, I disagree with Abdul’s opinion of not having anywhere to go to. The author made it look like he had no other family, except his mother which to me isn’t true. This is because he has sisters. Couldn’t he visit his sister’s anymore or aren’t sisters family again?. The author made the character look totally hopeless when he had sisters with which he could also spend quality time with.

    I’m aware of the popular notion of once married, the sisters’ loyalties belong to another family but that doesn’t still stop them from having their brother visit them once in a while. I believe ‘blood is thicker than water’, so even though the sisters were married, Abdul wasn’t really alone, he sure had places to go than staying in camp all year and families to visit apart from his mother.

    Furthermore, I believe that his love from his mother should not make him reject invites from friends who were in his life. The author made it Abdul a character who didn’t see the need to play thereby slowing making him a ‘dull boy’ according to the proverb, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’.

    The author made him look like as one who doesn’t believe neither interest himself in making useful relationships with other people (especially his friends) except his mother and we all know that a mother isn’t the only one needed to push us into our dream of greatness. I am of the opinion that he wasn’t totally helpless, he had friends with whom he should have built beautiful relationships with too.

    I am also of the opinion that Abdul’s love for the mother would have made him persuade her to leave Yemen for good rather than always returning to Yemen thereby increasing her chances of being taken up or affected by the war that went on in Yemen.

    The plot of the story was quite well structured though I would also love to point they disparity of the context by the author. How is it that Abdul said “sometimes, he goes to visit his mum at Yemen and his friends counters his statement by saying “he doesn’t go there, but rather travels to Egypt..”. I believe there is a missing link here or is there a Yemen in Egypt or an Egypt in Yemen. This context wasn’t truly aligned as it counteracted itself.
    This story did not also have a climax as the events seemed predictable.

    The themes of this story wasn’t only to convey determination and focus as virtues needed by youths but it also conveyed the message for the need to have a propelling force. This propelling force is the paddle that keeps your boat of determination and focus from going haywire.

    It went ahead to convey the salient message of the need for a mentor. I would on this note, love to say that even though the love for his mother was a propelling force, I believe his teacher, Mr Wizzet palyed a greater role in pushing him to greatness.

    This story hasn’t only taught the need for us, the youths to cultivate and develop virtues that would help us shoulder the storms of life that are inevitable, it also emphasized the need to have mentors who would orchestrate our paths, show us the right steps they took in their time and also feed us with the extra zeal and motivation we need .

    Personally, it has taught me the need to always positively impact people I come contact with and re-emphasized the importance of loving and caring for my family.

    I wouldn’t say this story had a twist or unexpected ending because quoting a paraphrased scripture from the 2 Timothy 2:15 and proverbs in the Bible that says “study to show thyself approved, a workman that needed not to be ashamed and seeth thou a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before great kings and not mean men”.

    This means that if Abdul continues on this path he’s already journeying in, he would not only excel as Mr Wizzet foresaw but would stand before great men and that’s an expected ending for him.

    It is appreciatory to admire the fact that the author employed the use of idioms to further illustrate the story.

    Finally, this story, For the love of a mother isn’t just only for youths but for everyone as it resonates the virtues needed to brace up bravely against life’s storm and I would gladly recommend it to people of all ages as it isn’t age limited to me.

  3. For The Love of a Mother

    Love. Focus. Determination. Diligence. This story by Uwem Mbot couldn’t have been less better.

    Love encompasses all thing, and it’s glaring as we see how the loving nature
    becomes a driving factor the doggedness of Abdul to make a success outta
    himself in far away Abu Dhabi, of course, what greater motivator is higher than love? Not only was love exhibited by Abdul, but by Mr. Wizzet, one of the teacher in Abdul’s college, a teacher with distinct in my own words, for what other reason would make one sacrifice his work and time to get to know some group of teenagers on a personal level? I really love of how the theme of “love” played out in the story. Abdul’s love for his mother, Mr. Wizzet love for his profession and for his students, and, Abdul’s friend love for him.

    One can see how this idea of his love for his mother ignited a burning passion in Abdul, a passion to face his studies squarely even at the expense of holiday and his free time. He was faced with challenges, ranging from the absence of a father figure in the family, to the war that makes him go a long distance to see his mum, such circumstances is enough for one to be weighed down and wallow in self pity, reading through the story, i found myself asking if there’s really any excuse for failure? Even in-spite of Mr. Wizzet request for Abdul to take a break and chill, we see him display a daunting act that depicts he wasn’t there to joke. Abdul not only showed a brave attitude towards school work, but also seeks to evaluate himself, he would spend time going over his progress report, and aside celebrating over his green marks, he was taking note of how much adjustment needs to be done, how many of us can boast of an Abdul spirit in ourselves? And, it’s no wonder, no brainier, that he could smile confidently and affirm it when told by Mr. Wizzert that hi future was bright. Didn’t the Holy Bible says “he that is diligent would stand before kings and not ordinary men?”

    Mr. Wizzet – It’s safe to say that every not only schools, every organizations
    needs a man like Mr. Wizzet in place, and it’s exciting to see how much of command, positive influence and encouragement this man have over his student. It’s often deeds as this that determines the worth of a true man.

    However, it would have been cool if the writer had given a bit of more background information about Abdul’s life and family before college, and how his life was before the death of his father. Also, the writer should have cut Abdul some slack, we all know that distractions shouldn’t be entertained in any form, but still, all works and no play makes Jacks a dull boy; the reason why he rejected his friends’ invitation to spend the holiday with them was quite too “ambiguous”.

    Above all, this story teaches the essence of the value and virtue of love, focus, and determination, that in no matter what situation one finds himself, as long as the will is there, the surely is a way out.

    My favourite line, and as I’m sure you’d agree with me after reading this is that the most captivating part was where Mr. Wizzet took a periscope, peeped into it, and told Abdul that his future was bright, with Abdul smiling and affirming it – “I know Mr. Wizzet. Thank you very much.”

    Well – “They all stood up and pushed in their chairs and shook hands with Mr. Wizzet and walked away. They all wore that smile that knew no defeat.”

    That’s what being diligence would make one do!”

  4. A story of true love, discipline and dedication, spun from a life of appreciation. Abdul was the odd one in class. Sat alone, took extra time to finish his work and was the last to leave. Abdul knew why he was in school and nothing could defeat his purpose irrespective of the unserious was of others that surrounded him, even when Mr Wizzet prompted him to go and come back later to finish his work, he told him he has to finish.

    Abdul and his friends came to class to chill and Mr Wizzet seized the opportunity to get to know the boys better. What did their lives seem like outside of the classroom? He engaged in a conversation and found out who Abdul really is and his purpose. The bond he had with his mother could be seen through his conversation with the boys and Mr Wizzet. He’d rather go all the way to Egypt to visit his mum than stay with friends, and if that wasn’t going to work out, he’d rather stay on campus til the holidays were over.
    His commitment, motivation, hardwork and dedication to his school work was to build a future for him and his mother. Mr Wizzet took a peek into the future and saw that the future that laid ahead of Abdul was nothing short of successful. Abdul stayed true to his vision…all for the love of his mother. Having a driving force is one thing, staying true to the vision is another. Abdul had both and was determined to achieve his goal.

    A truly inspiring piece.

  5. The story takes a unique approach in depicting the concept of the catch phrase: “what is pursuing you to pursue what you are pursuing”. Every decision or course of action we take in life, springs out from the expected end we desire; there is always a big picture fueling our ambition, and the seemingly out-of-the-ordinary tenacity and consistency we direct towards the work we do.
    For Abdul, it was not just about acing his academics, and getting the green color on his spreadsheet, his doggedness, irrepressible determination, outstanding organization skills, wisdom deeper than that of his peers, and his overall calm and collected self, all these stemmed from the fact that he had a strong motivating factor propelling him, everything he did was not just to score points as the student of the year but to get a step closer towards actualizing his dream of having a good job as an apprentice aeronautical engineer, which will then enable him to house his mother, and ultimately be with family! That was his ultimate ambition, and this big picture, was the underlying factor that influenced his “irrepressible determination”; he wanted to attain that dream and he gave it his best shot every chance he got; going so far as to study in the night school for his diploma after his regular day time studies, he did all these excellently while his peers just wanted to have a good time.
    To a third party, his moves might be seen as “crazy”, or being “too much” but Abdul knew that he had to pay the ultimate price of attaining his dream and if that meant burning the night candle and putting in extra, extra efforts? Then so be it!
    He knew he was moving each day towards the right direction, towards actualizing his ambition; imagine the fact that he wasn’t even over-the-top emotional or excited when Mr. Wizzet told him he had a bright future, because he already knew it! He didn’t have to be told or reminded! He could feel it in his bones as he studied purposefully and put in extra effort to get all that “green” on his spreadsheet. His tenacity, commitment, and devotion towards his ambition gave him immense confidence and assurance that spelt ‘no defeat” for him, and the very possible reality of actualizing his dream.
    This story re-emphasizes the need for youths, college students, everyone, to have a sense of direction fueled by the big picture they want to attain in life, our moves shouldn’t just be mere experimenting or casual try outs, they should be purposeful and with an expected end in mind. There should be the place of deep resolution, commitment and passion towards realizing our huge ambition, defy the odds!
    Abdul, regardless of his age and the nonchalant attitude of his peers, was committed to putting in the work, and going the extra mile, because what was motivating him was greater than he was; the love of his mother!
    The million-dollar question now is, “what is pursuing you to pursue what you are pursuing?”

  6. Abdul, a young guy in mr Wizzet’s class is very discplined about investing in his future. His goal and motivating factor is to get a good job as an aeronautical engineer, rent a house and finally be re-united with his Mom who lives in Yemen.

    The story is not just filled with lessons from Abdul’s perspective but also some lessons we can take home from the different characters.

    Mr Wizzet was not just a teacher but a mentor… someone that wanted to be involved in the success of his students life in whatever way they needed him.
    He was always there to give 20 seconds of his personal time to his students by shaking their hands, making eye contact and welcoming them to his class. Though he was in control, he also wanted them to know that they were both in this school thing together. If they work well together, the student will succeed.

    He wasn’t only about teaching at the Sparks Vocational Institute in Abu Dhabi, he was impacting lives.
    We clearly see it from how he managed Abdul’s intensity to his studies and created the right atmosphere Abdul needed in class and how he reassuringly welcomed each student to his class.
    He made it a point to make his students comfortable around him – especially when the three boys felt free to come in and sit in the room not caring if Mr Wizzet was there but would be of good behaviour because of how they have been treaated by Mr Wizzet.

    The assurance and support Abdul got from Mr Wizzet also contributed to the fact that he wanted to succeed and not hang around the comfort zone but to excel and make himself and people who cared; proud of him.

    Though Abdul was unique in appearance, he made sure he had and equipped himself with all it took to excel. His neatness, the way he spoke, how he carried himself around other students and his determination to succeed above what was required is a huge lesson.

    We should not just focus on get the minimum or maximum success required. If we shoot it through the roof, we should.

    Another lesson I took home was the people Abdul surrounded himself with.
    They weren’t shallow friends but people that cared about Abdul, his life and his future.

    Koura, who was going to Dubai to spend the Eid Holiday with his family invited Abdul to come to which he declined.

    Kora also invited Abdul to come spend the holiday with his family in Ras al Khaimah but Abdul also refused.

    They both gave answers to Mr Wizzet’s questions about Abdul’s family meaning that they cared deely for Abdul and were okay with his refusal whether or not they understood his reasons.
    You need people like this in your life.

    I can’t see clearly Abdul’s reason for refusal but I would safely concluded that he may not want to be a burden to the families and also note that, the journey to success is frought with a lot of hardship. Giving the fact that Abdul was more concerned with focusing on his studies because he was not a very bright kid, he didn’t want to indulge in fun moments and get carried away from the things he had outlined to achieve.

    On finding out that his fun moments was a trip to the mall on weekends for a few hours and sometimes, going to Eygpt to see his mom who takes a trip from Yemen to Egypt to visit her son. He couldn’t go to Yemen to visit his mom due to the on-going war. Hearing this, Mr Wizzet was deeply impressed that it broke his heart. He could now connect the dots of Abdul’s actions and Abdul’s drive and intent to succeed.

    Re-uniting with his mom and also having a good job to take care of his small family. He comforted Abdul after looking into his futuristic periscope – (i wonder what that looks like), that Abdul has a bright future.
    MR Wizzet was full of encouragement because they all left that room feeling like they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

    Having the right motivation and support system will pull out the success in you, that’s for sure.

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