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I Can’t Lie To Myself – Part 3

Inside the prison, Alfred sat opposite a man that he had never known all his life. But seeing this man for the first time ever, he knew that, that was his father. The same oblong face and the same pointed nose. They stared at each other for about a minute before Andy said, “welcome son. I am glad to see you”.

“I have looked forward to this day so much that I can’t believe it is actually here”. Alfred said.

“Where are you coming from son?” Andy asked.

“From home”.

“And you dressed up like this, in a suit?” Andy asked him again.

“Yes, because I was coming to see my daddy and my hero”.

Andy broke down.  “Me, your hero?”

“Yes, you are my hero” Alfred said. “I know you didn’t do it.”

“Do what and how did you know?”

“I overheard Hayward and Lucy talk about it.”

They spent some time interacting and getting to know each other like fresh lovers would do. What is your favourite colour?  Favourite food and pet? It was so beautiful. Time was not their ally. Before you knew it one hour flew past so fast and it was time to go.

“How did it go?” Lucy asked Alfred.

“Great, very well” thanks.

“What did he tell you?” Lucy probed.

“Well, you know, father son stuff. We had a great time interacting and getting to know each other” Alfred replied with all amount of excitement.

Lucy was feeling a little jealous here and uncomfortable that Alfred was building a relationship with his father and may soon delve into sensitive information, if his dad trusted him.

Ms. Lynch advised Alfred not to share too much details of his visit with his father to Lucy. He should stick to ‘we are building a relationship’ angle. Alfred brought books and materials to his father in the camp as his dad often referred to the place. One book that Alfred brought over to his dad was the Holy Book. He advised his father to read that book and let that book come alive to him. That was what Ms. Lynch did for Alfred. It was written somewhere in that Holy Book, The Spirit of God is not of fear but of a sound mind. That did it for Alfred. Something struck him and resonated with him and he conquered fear. He has never been the same since he stumbled across that verse.

Alfred was a regular visitor to the camp to see his dad. He built a solid relationship with his dad. He gave his dad a new lease of life. He got to find out more about his dad’s family. His dad had immigrated to the UK from, Libreville in Equatorial Guinea, EQ about twenty years ago. Andy was from a wealthy background in Libreville. Andy’s story was not the typical version of an immigrant who left his homeland and came to the UK seeking greener pastures.  His dad came to the UK to seek alternative means of livelihood. He wanted to learn English, he wanted to make the UK and EQ his home. He wanted to have a life where his children would be versed in English, Spanish and French languages. EQ was colonized by Spain and Spanish was the widely spoken language. Andy was from the Fang tribe and from a wealthy home. Andy’s father died when Andy was about fourteen years of age and Andy saw how his mother was denied of any inheritance because she was a woman. Andy was not happy with what he saw and knew that it was just a matter of time, he would be off to somewhere, where if he had daughters, they would inherit his fortune. Being the only male child in the family, his dad’s fortunes belonged to him.

On arriving England, with a substantial amount of money, Andy enrolled in a college and started his new life. Fate would play a twist on him when he met Lucy. They both attended the same college and were taking the same classes. That fateful night after classes, it was raining and Andy offered to drop Lucy off at her place. They started some friendship. In naivety and innocence, Andy told Lucy all about himself and Lucy planned with Hayward how they would frame Andy to scam him off his money. He didn’t understand the legal system and procedures in England at the time. His English wasn’t that superb. His folks back home in Libreville, did not know what had happened to him. He was sent to jail to languish away. The good thing that came out of the relationship was Alfred. Hayward never liked Alfred. One thing that Hayward could not achieve was to convince Lucy to abort the baby. She kept saying that this would be a memorial for the wealth that they would inherit afterwards.

Uwem Mbot Umana©2017


  1. Oh my God, I’m so hurt right now.
    So, yes, I was right all along! Lucy is a horrible person.

    So sad for Andy.

    I’m glad that Albert finally got to meet Andy and to share with him ” the Word Of Truth.”
    I commend the author for this wonderful progression. The slight suspenses, the twist, the reveal..

    I’m deeply intrigued. What happens next ?

    • Alfred you meant to say…Thanks Ariel for your comments and following the series…just hold your breath, part 4 will reveal some more. I can’t wait for part 4 myself.

  2. Oh my, oh my!
    It is so disaapointing to learn that Lucy worked with Hayward to implicate Andy. But in all I am happy that Andy’s character is not bitter about this experience.
    What exactly was his crime though?
    Having done so many years behind bars, is he due out soon from the ‘camp’? I sure hope so.
    What a twist!

    Please tell me there’s more…

    • Thanks Iquo…Iquo I can tell you there is more…I can’t wait for part 4 myself…just hold your breath…Lucy and Hayward…I thought you would have said something about Alfred.

  3. In the previous episode I asked if luck could be a factor in the rescue of unfortunate children from terrible fate the way Alfred was lucky to escape the hands of incompetent parents and ended up in the positive hands of Ms Lynch.Perhaps this latest episode confirms that something like luck may be playing out in the destinies of men but rather than call it luck we might be better of calling it providence in recognition of some intelligent forces that might be at play.This may explain what the Christian theology might mean when it says –God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform and behind a frowning Providence there is a smiling face.It is All about apparent contradictions that may result in some pleasant results.That significantly enough is how nature in itself sometimes operate.Just look at a seed that will be put into the ground.But before it has to give you active fruits, it must die first to achieve that.This is the story of Alfred who seemed to have emerged from a gloomy background but found himself through a process that is gradually building him into a moral champion even from the look of things – in his parents life.The lesson so far is that the background of a child must be wide enough to accommodate many potential parents of the child where it may be so possible that the biological parents of that child may not be competent enough to play that role.Some other surrogates might just be there to help

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