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I Can’t Lie to Myself – part 4

I Can’t Lie to Myself –  part 4

When Didi, Andy’s father, arrived Madrid, it wasn’t to settle down. It was to do a  bit of exploration after his business trip and do some travels around Europe before  returning to EQ. Coming from the fang tribe in EQ was something Didi held in high esteem. Back home, he grew up with the notion that he was a man. He trusted his instincts. He was the only male child of his father Senghor and inherited all the wealth of his father. His father Senghor married five wives while in search of a male child. He was the last of the children to be born and that much sought after male child. His dad would not stop at anything to make sure that Didi was happy. At an early age Didi started enjoying the luxuries of life meant for adults. He sat in the chief’s council and court with his father. His father’s wives paid obeisance to him as the heir apparent to the throne of the Senghor dynasty. He travelled the world on business and leisure.

At Madrid, Maria fell in love with Didi. Didi did not pay any particular attention to his relationship with Maria. He was a hot commodity with ladies, especially ladies from back home who knew the stock he emanated from.

It wasn’t until after three months of his return to EQ that Maria noticed that she was pregnant for Didi.  Letters took ages to get to the fang tribe of EQ. Telephone services weren’t as sophisticated as they are today. You simply had to make time your ally. When the occasional reply came from Didi, it was non-committal. Didi at one stage advised Maria to come to EQ and live with him. He told her that he was married and was planning to marry more wives. She couldn’t handle that. She ended up not going to EQ. Anytime she wrote asking for financial support, Didi would reply “come down to EQ and all your needs would be met.” When Maria put to birth she named the boy, Mine.

Mine grew up without his father and did not identify with any male figure in his life. When he was of age, he travelled to EQ in search of his father. He was given a royal welcome and met Andy his brother. However, because his mother was not married to Didi, he was not entitled to any inheritance from his father in an official capacity. “Was it worth it?” he thought to himself.  He went back to Europe. Mine kicked the bucket when he was only twenty two years old. He died of an undisclosed ailment. Eighteen years later, Hayward embarked on the same trip to EQ to trace his roots like his late dad, Mine did. His return to EQ was without any fanfare. It was viewed with suspicion and at the end he vowed he would get what belonged to him. At EQ, he was told that Andy had left for the UK and Andy was the bonafide person who could divide any share of the family’s wealth with him as the only male child. He went to England to hunt down his uncle to get what belonged to him.

All along Lucy did not realize that she was just a pawn in the equation. Hayward took Lucy away from Andy because that was sweet revenge for him. He got her pregnant and had Martha. Lucy wasn’t married to Andy so traditionally speaking he was safe. The relationship was an intricate one. Hayward was Andy’s nephew and they both had an offspring from the same lady, Lucy. Was that abominable? Was it incestuous? Considering that there was no official marriage involved.

Hayward’s next plan was to get Andy to sign off a large chunk of the money stashed in the UK bank and then he would elope with Lucy to Spain.

The first attempt was unsuccessful as the cheque that Andy signed was not with his genuine signature. Andy had signed off a three hundred thousand pound cheque for Lucy to purchase a house for herself and Alfred. His father, Didi had always warned him to beware of any woman that he was not married to and he never forgot that advice. Lucy thought everything was under control until the bubble burst. After collecting the cheque, he stopped visiting Andy. Hayward was not happy about the way Lucy handled matters. She was a bit hasty. The game needed patience and tact. Hayward had encouraged Lucy to keep it going with Andy, till they were safe in Spain in their new house. But Lucy was too blinded by what did not exist to listen to any advice. She called it ‘love for Hayward.’  Hayward called it foolishness. There was no money in that account and everything fell apart. Hayward never forgave Lucy. However his next mission was to try to persuade Lucy to fall in line with his new strategy before Alfred turned sixteen. At that stage Alfred would be the only one eligible to claim the fortune stashed in the UK account.

The plan was to keep Alfred as far away as possible from his dad, restore Lucy’s relationship with Andy and apologize for the last screw up. Blame it on, ill advise from the Citizens Advice Bureau, after all, Andy does not know much about the system.



Uwem Mbot Umana©2017


    • Thanks very much Lawrence. Keep keeping a date with the publications and like our posts on social media also. please share the story with friends and loved ones and students that you know. Big up boss!!!

  1. This story really puzzles me this time.How Hayward the nephew and Andy the uncle got to easily accept one another up to the point that Andy seemed to accept financial obligation towards Hayward taking into consideration that was what Hayward was after.We were not let into the details in the story how Andy got convinced that Hayward was his nephew and he deserves something from the family purse I hope this might reveal itself as the story progresses

    • Thanks for your comment kuya Babatunde. Do you think Hayward and Andy got to accept one another? Don’t you think that Hayward seems to be on a revenge mission?

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