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I Can’t Lie To Myself- Part 6

I Can’t Lie To Myself-  Part 6

Alfred stretched out his hand to shake Ms. Lynch.

“Hello Ms. Lynch”

She was still in shock as to how Alfred was able to locate her all the way in Miami, Florida. His tracking device needed a thumbs up.

“Stop, she said. You can call me Emma now.”

She opened her arms and Alfred flew into those arms.

“I know you do not like people intruding into your space and I am sorry about this, however I am going to make it as brief as possible, since I gotta go back. The taxi man is waiting for me”

“No, tell the taxi to go away. Let’s pay him off. We have a lot of catching up to do”.

At Shula Steak House- The Original, the catching up did not end. All the way back to that day, that Alfred came in and tidied up her place in Brixton.

Emma blurted “do you know till today; I do not know how I got home from The Grills that night”.

“You were a mess that night when I saw you”

“What do you mean?” Emma quizzed further.

“Well, Hayward worked at The Club attached to The Grill, in the basement of the building and my mother Lucy needed to see Hayward urgently. I accompanied her to The club and I wandered into The Grill to use the restroom and there you were passed out and some jerk was trying to toss your head up. I approached him and asked him to get off you. I yanked you off. Lucy and I took you home that night.”

“If that is not providence, I don’t know what else to call it” Emma said in a hushed tone.

“Where were you when I called your phone?”

“I was on my way to Equatorial Guinea. I needed to see my kinsmen. My father sent me to them”.

“How is he, Andy?”

“He is well. He is back in Libreville” He oscillates between EQ and UK.

“Oh that’s nice.”

“He was finally acquitted with the fresh evidence we submitted after a few lengthy court hearing sessions. Hayward is now in jail. Lucy was also found as an accomplice to the crime. She did eighteen months”.

“What about your sister?”

“Which of them, you know I have plenty?”

“That’s true. The one by Hayward, I have forgotten the name but I know it begins with an M.”

“Martha. She is well. She is ten years old now getting on to eleven”.

“Now you tell me what has been happening to you, any man, any children yet, any new projects, where are you working now?

“Excuse me ma’am and sir, we are about to shut down” the waiter told them. It then dawned on them that they were the only ones left at the restaurant.

Alfred opened his rucksack and brought out a piece of paper that had his university degree certificate and underneath the cert, were the words “dedicated to the woman who means the world to me Ms. Emma Lynch”

Emma clutched the certificate to her bosom and cried. In between sobs, she declared again “I cannot lie to myself, you mean the world to me.”


Uwem Mbot Umana©2017


  1. If this is the end of the story then it sounded like a story with a happy ending.The problem with stories like this is that when they are broken into parts and each part coming days apart then one may lose the thread of the story to be able to appreciate the full import of its ending.Congratulations.Sound like an interesting story whose flavour Will be better appreciated when those parts are put together in one piece and I hope you will do that in due course

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