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“I feel so sorry for you.”

“You feel sorry for me?”



“Because you are a loser. That’s why you go about bullying people. That’s why you do what you do.”

“I’m gonna bust ya face”

“There you go. You don’t have anything to offer than busting people’s faces. Coward that you are”

Derrick could not move an inch. He was glued to the spot he found himself. Penney had given him a blow below the belt.

“How dare you! You are dead meat!” Derrick screamed.

“That’s what you do all day, yell, scream and talk a whole load of twaddle. I honestly don’t  understand why people waste time with you?”

Derrick’s face was turning pink now. All the hairs on his head were standing. He was in such a rage. He rushed towards Penney and Penney stood still.

“Why don’t you summon courage for once and be a man and face your life instead of always rushing to be physical?” Penney said to Derrick.

“Imma  shut that your big mouth, you good for nothing butthole.”

“Can you not speak one sentence without an offensive word? If you are man enough I am going to give you a challenge. A game of words, let’s see who is superior intellectually? Ask me a question and I ask you a question?”

Derrick couldn’t take up the challenge. He knew he would flunk. It was just too humiliating.

From a corner Nick was watching the events that happened. He had been a victim of bullying since he arrived St. Xavier’s and he was barely hanging in there. But seeing Derrick being dismantled with just mere intellectual superiority was such a sight for him to behold. He decided to seek Penney out.

In the library Nick found Penney studying an encyclopedia of science.

“Hi Penney!”

“Hello there.”

“You alright?” Penney asked.

‘Yeah, I have been looking for you.”

“How can I help.”

“You know I watched you from a distance today dismantle Derrick and I was just overwhelmed by your intellectual superiority. How did you do that?”

“I just did it. I know that bullies are cowards. They rely on their physical aggression; they prey on the weakness of their victims. They sense it a mile off and because they are mean, they actually derive satisfaction watching their prey fall to their chants and echoes of meanness.”

“Wow. That is so profound” Nick confessed. “You know that Derrick has been a pain on my backside since I arrived this school. I have been handing him my lunch money since the day he accosted me.” Nick finished.

“What!” Penney exclaimed. “How could you succumb to such act?”

“I had no chance. Not a chance. He came with his crew. They were about five in number and I was alone. I didn’t stand a chance.”

“You know what, we are going to get the money back, every single dime, we’re going to get it back. Bullies hate humiliation. We will humiliate him, he will pay back that money, every single dime. Do you have an idea how much of yours he has?”

“From September  to December, five quid a week, about hundred and twenty quid.”

“We will get it back, every dime and if you would like, with interest” Penney quipped.

Room 101 was Mr. Cook’s classroom. They were all attending Mr. Cook’s math’s lesson. The starter activity was a mental math sum. A paired activity. Every person was to write ten mental math sums and test his/her partner with the sums and vice versa.

“Choose your partner” Mr. Cook signaled.

Mr. MaCintosh, the deputy headteacher arrived in a scurry and requested to speak with Mr. Cook outside the classroom in the corridor.

Nick moved straight to Derrick’s desk and pulled the chair and sat next to him. Derrick was stunned.

“You have your five quid” Derrick whispered to Nick.

“Yes, I have it and I want to make a deal with you.”

“What deal?”

“Good. You are smart. I have always suspected it that you are not that dumb after all” Nick looked into Derrick’s eyeball and pronounced.

“I have ten questions for you. You answer them correctly, you get the five quid, you don’t, you pay me back all the money you owe me, one hundred and twenty quid.”

“You’re crazy. You are mad. You are dead meat” Derrick spoke to Nick’s ears.

“Nope, you are the dead meat, because if you don’t pay me that money, I am going to get your ass locked up” Nick retorted. “Be a man for once, take up the challenge if you are man enough.”

Startle was written all over Derrick’s face. Where on earth did Nick get such guts to accost him. Yet here was a challenge before him. If he didn’t take the challenge that would be humiliating.

Darn, he thought. I would take it, he concluded and I will make him pay for it. He will pay for it dearly. He will regret ever making such a challenge.

“Ok. I take the challenge.”

“Another smart move by you. See! You ain’t that dumb after all.” Nick said.

“Shut ya trap!” Derrick managed to utter.

He was plotting how he would make Nick pay for this humiliation when Nick’s voice rang out

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have decided to make a little challenge, Derrick and I. Derrick gets all my questions right, I give him five quid and if I get all his questions right, he gives me one hundred and twenty quid. Right Derrick!”

Derrick was mummified. He wasn’t expecting this.

“Whooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaah” the whole class exclaimed.

“Yep” Derrick managed to say.

All eyes turned to Derrick and Nick.

Question one: eight times eight, divided by minus two.

Derrick was shocked. He didn’t move an inch. His friends were not allowed near him. A circle had formed around them and the five seconds countdown was over and Derrick’s lips did not utter any sound. Minus thirty two, Nick announced. A loud cheer went up.

“Your turn” Nick hollered.

“Five times five add ten” Derrick finally managed to say.

“Thirty five” Penney snapped.

At the tenth question, Nick decided to humiliate Derrick further, when he asked one add one. The crowd laughed. Derrick felt so little.

Derrick was waiting at the gate with his boys for Nick. Nick was strolling confidently with Penney walking home.

Derrick and his crew swore and froze.


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Answer the following questions (65 marks)

1. List five characters in the story. (5 marks)
2. Give synonyms of the following words (6 marks):
a. screamed
b. twaddle
c. flunk
d. dismantled
e. overwhelmed
f. mummified
3. Explain the meaning of the following expressions
I. “You are dead meat” (2 marks)
II. “That is so profound.” (2 marks)
III. “I want to make a deal with you.” (2 marks)
IV. “Shut ya trap.” (2 marks)
4. List 5 tactics used by bullies on their preys. (5 marks)
5. Where is the setting of the story? (1 mark)
6. “Another smart move by you. See! You ain’t that dumb after all.” Explain. (5)
7. Explain the relationship between the characters. (5 marks)
8. How did Nick get back at Derrick? Explain. (10 marks)
9. Humiliation is a theme in the story, discuss. (10 marks)
10. A. Do you think bullying is a serious issue at schools?
B. Explain your answer. (10 marks)


  1. 1. Five characters in the story
    (i) Nick
    (ii) Derrick
    (iii) Penney
    (iv) Mr. Cook
    (v) Mr. MaCintosh

    2. Words and their synonyms
    (a) Screamed – shouted, yelled
    (b) Twaddle – rubbish, nonsense, gibberish
    (c) Flunk – fail
    (d) Dismantled – broken down, destroyed
    (e) Overwhelmed – moved, impressed
    (f) Mummified – weakened

    3. Expressions and their meanings
    (i) “You are dead meat” – You are in serious trouble, you are finished, it’s over for you.
    (ii) “That’s so profound” – To be amazed at something so intelligent or clever.
    (iii) “I want to make a deal with you” – To enter into an agreement with someone or make a bargain.
    (iv) “Shut ya trap” – To tell someone to shut their mouth or be quiet.

    4. Five tactics used by bullies on their preys
    (i) Use of physical aggression (physical violence, for example, punching).
    (ii) Use of words to mock or ridicule.
    (iii) Sense of dominance or feeling stronger than their victims, resulting to preying on their weakness.
    (iv) Forming cliques to get to their targets; the stronger the army, the more effective the result would be.
    (v) Taking pleasure watching their victims suffer at the hands of them.

    5. The setting of the story is a school (St. Xavier).

    6. “Another smart move by you. See! You ain’t that dumb after all.” Nick was basically mocking Derrick. As a bully, he shouldn’t seem dumb, after all he behaved like the king of the jungle, going around mistreating people. A pinch of sarcasm I would say.

    7. The characters were students who attended the same school; St. Xavier. The relationship between Derrick and Nick/Penny was a case of the oppressor and oppressed/exploiter and exploited. Derrick, with his boys, felt like they were in charge and used that to their advantage to bully the others in so many ways (punching, insulting, taking their lunch money)

    8. Nick was inspired by Penney’s intellectual superiority and decided to use that on Derrick. He challenged him to a mental math duel, the person that answers the 10 questions correctly would pay up. The sole purpose was to humiliate Derrick and get back at him for all the bullying he had done.

    9. Humiliation is something bullies hate. The only way to bring them down is to embarrass them publicly so they realize they are actually not as in control as they think and can’t go around behaving anyhow at the expense of everyone. This was the tool Nick and Penney used to get back at Derrick and destroy his reputation once and for all. It would serve as a lesson to other bullies who think they can mistreat people and get away with it.

    10. Yes, bullying is a serious issue at schools.

    11. The reason why I believe bullying is a serious issue at schools is because everyone comes from different backgrounds. We have the rich and the poor, the haves and have-nots, so there is every tendency for one to feel proud and superior to the other. You don’t have to be in the elite group to bully someone. Just the idea of you being popular and having others respect you (out of fear) because of the way they are being treated, is enough for you to rule the town. (A movie comes to mind, “Everybody hates Chris”).
    Also, students having low self-esteem can play a role in this issue. This applies not just to students but every human being. We should be proud and comfortable in our skin and not let anyone make us feel inferior and take advantage of us because we lack something. This would only build the bully’s muscles and boost they negative actions in the society.

    An interesting read!

  2. 1 A. Derrick
    B. Penney
    C. Nick
    D. Mr. Cook
    E. Mr. Macintosh

    2 Word ___________ Synonym
    A. Screamed ________ yelled
    B. Twaddle_____________Babble
    C. Flunk_______________fail
    D. Dismantle __________ Disassemble
    E. Overwhelmed _________ Overpowered
    F. Mummified ____________ petrified

    3 I ) You are as good as dead or you will be thoroughly dealt with or punished.
    II ) That is so illuminating and enlightening.
    III ) I want to have an agreement with you
    IV ) A slang or rude way of telling someone to KEEP QUIET.
    4 a. Bullies try to intimidate their preys by screaming or threatening
    b. They make use of threats and mean words
    c. They use physical size ( brawn ) or sheer size of number to try to screaming their preys.
    d. They single out people who look weak
    e. They pick on their preys when they feel nobody is watching like after school lessons
    5 The story is set in a school ( St. Xavier’s )
    6 You just did something smart, you’re not that dull after all, Nick uses this statement to humiliate Derrick.
    7. The relationship between the characters;
    Nick, Penney and Derrick are students. Nick had always been a victim of Derrick’s bullying until the day he sees Penney standing up to Derrick. He meets Penney later to discuss about this Penney advices him on what to do. Derrick is a bully who has always taken Nick’s money. Mr Macintosh and Mr Cook are teachers.
    8. Nick got back to Derrick by humiliating him in the class, by baiting him into agreeing to a quiz he would lose, a deal that will also help Nick get back all the money Derrick ever took from him.
    9. Humiliation is an efficient weapon against bullies, bullies hate being humiliated. Penney and Nick use this tool in the story. Bullies are cowards who hate to be put to shame in public. Probably, Penney and Nick were not physically matched for Derrick, but they were intellectually better than him. They use this. They broadcast his intellectual poverty in public. It works efficiently for them. Infact, it works against most bullies, but not all! Some may just get angrier and come after you.
    10. Bullying is definitely a serious issue in schools.
    10B The actions of bullies make school unbearable for their preys. Bullies not only physically assault their victims, they also disturb their victims’ psychology. A victim of bullying may begin to do poorly academically because he or she cannot concentrate and is disturbed at heart. Bullies take away peace of mind from themselves, their parents, their victims, their victims’ parents, the students, the teachers and the school authority. They are menace to the academic society.

  3. 1. List five characters in the story.
    a. Penny
    b. Nick
    c. Derick
    d. Mr. Cook
    e. Derick’s crew

    2. Give synonyms of the following words .
    a. Screamed: Yell, shout.
    b. Twaddle: Nonsense, gibberish.
    c. Flunk: Not pass, not make the grade.
    d. Dismantled: Take apart, break up.
    e. Overwhelmed: Over load, over run.

    3. Explain the meaning of the following expressions
    a. You are a dead meat: Someone in danger of death or severe punishment..
    b. That is so profound: Of a person or statement having or showing great knowledge or insight.
    c. I want to make a deal with you: to make an agreement on something.
    d. Shut ya trap: shut your mouth.

    4. List 5 tactics used by bullies on their preys.
    a. Bullies rely on their physical aggression.
    b. They prey on the weakness of their victims.
    c. They actually derive satisfaction watching their prey fall to their chant.
    d. Bullies move in group.
    e. Bullies echoes meanness

    5. The setting of the story is at a school (St. Xavier)

    6. “Another smart move by you. See! You ain’t that dumb after all.” Explain.
    Nick was doing a revenge to Derrick of what Derrick did to him.

    7. Explain the relationship between the characters.
    i. Penny, Nick and Derrick are class-mates in St. Xavier’s school
    ii. Mr. Cook is Penny, Nick and Derick Math’s teacher at St. Xavier’s school
    iii. Mr. Macintosh is the deputy head teacher at St. Xavier’s school

    8. How did Nick get back at Derrick? Explain.
    After Nick had discussed with Penny, he was looking for an opportunity to get his money back from Derrick, Nick took advantage of their Math’s activity for
    the day which involves mental math’s. After Mr. Cook told them to choose their partner, Nick went for Derrick knowing that bullies hate humiliation, he
    planned a deal and Derrick fell for it because if he didn’t take the challenge it will be humiliating for him, and to seal it Nick made an announcement about the
    challenge. Derrick couldn’t escape it.

    9. Humiliation is a theme in the story, discuss.
    Bullies hate humiliation. The only way to push them down is to humiliate them publicly. From the story, first it was Penny that spoke to Derrick (the bully)
    in a way that no student has spoken to him. Then after Nick had spoken with Penny, he got to know that bullies hate humiliation and the only way to handle
    them is to challenge them intellectually and you will see that they will flunk.

    10. Do you think bullying is a serious issue at schools?
    a. Yes bullying is a serious issue at school.
    b. Explain your answer.
    Bullies are people who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable. In several location they form a gang or crew sometimes
    some of them are school drop out. As illustrated in the story above, In many school they are old students that prey on new vulnerable students as the case of
    Nick in the passage we have read. Therefore relevant authorities should ensure that bullying is stopped in schools

  4. 1. Penny
    b. Derrick
    c. Nick
    d. Mr. Cook
    d. Mr. Macintosh the deputy head teacher

    2. Scream: Shreak, yell, howl, screech, shout, below, bawl, cry out.
    b. Twaddle: Nonsense, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blather.
    c. Flunk: Be unsuccessful with, not pass, be found wanting, be found deficient, not make the grade, be rejected.
    d. Dismantle: Take apart, pull apart, deconstruct, disassemble, breakup, knock down, demolish.
    e. Overwhelm: Inundate, overload, overrun, flood, swamp, snow under, engulf, shower, bombard.
    f. mummify: preserve, lay out, anoint.

    3. “You are dead meat”: Someone in danger of death or severe punishment.
    b. “That’s so profound”: (Of a state quality or emotion) very great or intense.
    c. “I want to make a deal with you”: To make an agreement with someone or something.
    d. “Shut ya trap”: Is a term when you no longer want to continue a one way conversation.

    4. Bullies are cowards
    ii. They rely on their physical aggression
    iii. Thy prey on the weakness of their victims
    iv. Bullies move in groups
    v. They actually derive satisfaction watching their prey fall to their prey fall to their chants.

    5. The setting of the story was at school (St. Xavier).

    6. He was actually mocking him. I think he was doing a revenge for what Derrick does to him.

    7. Penny, Nick and Derrick are pupils and classmates at St. Xavier.
    Mr. Cook is their math teacher.
    Mr. Macintosh is the deputy head teacher.

    8. Nick had gotten some some encouragement from Penny and really wanted to get his money back from Derrick. So at the Math class when their teacher
    left, Nick decided that it was time, he bombarded him with questions and disgraced him unexpectedly. Derrick looked for ways to stop but they did not
    work. He was so disgraced that he swore and froze.

    9. Bullies hate humiliation. That is the one and only way to embarrass them. So that they will realize that they are not in control. That’s how Nick and Penny
    got back at Derrick and destroyed his honor once and for all.

    10. a. Yes bullying is a serious issue at schools.
    b. Bullying comes in different forms because in several occasion’s they are big in stature so they can easily exhort money from their prey like Nick had to give
    his lunch money to Derrick while in some cases the prey are the one to do their assignment of the bully. So the school authorities should encourage all students
    to report any form of bully in the school as being bullied to make a child stop going to school.

  5. 1.I. Derick
    II. Penny
    III. Nick
    IV. Mr. Cook
    V. Mr. Macintosh

    2a. Yell, shout
    b. Garbage, senseless
    c. Failed, weakness
    d. Demolish, destroy
    e. Overpowered, overcome
    f. Preserve, embalm

    3.I. An expression used to let someone know that they in serious trouble with unpleasant consequences.
    II. Meaning very good, deep insight.
    III. To have a contract with someone.
    IV. To tell someone to keep quiet or stop talking.

    4. I. They attach one when alone.
    II. They confront one with their gang.
    III. They tend to threaten people.
    IV. They intimidate kid smaller than them.
    V. They make people believe they are stronger and better than them.

    5. St. Xavier’s School.

    6. Meaning he was wise enough to had make a right decision.

    7. Derick, Penny and Nick were students in thesame class. Mr. Cook was their class teacher, Mr Macintosh was the deputy head teacher.

    8. He got back at Derick by looking at him straight in his eyes, and challenging him openly before a crowd, to a maths quiz, without his friends near him. This made him feel humiliated.

    9. Humiliation was displayed in most part of the story. from Derick humiliating Nick, to Penny humiliating Derick and Nick in turn humiliates Derick. Humiliation was key in the story.

    10a. Yes it is.
    b. This is an issue especially in our secondary Schools today. The senior students usually bully the junior students. Example shouting on them, and threatening them, collecting their money and belongings and making them feel less important, they also instill fear in them.

  6. 1.a. Derick
    b. Penny
    c. Mr. Cook
    d. Mr Macintosh
    e. Nick

    2. a. yell, holler
    b. Garbage, foolish
    c. Failed, unsuccessful
    d.Demolish, disassemble
    e. Overcome, submerged
    f. Preserve, embalm

    3. I. Means you are in serious trouble.
    II. Great or intense, clever.
    III. To have an agreement with someone.
    IV. Keep quiet.

    4. I. They prey on their victim’s weakness.
    II. They meet their victims mostly when the person is alone, with or without their gang.
    III. They act as if they are more stronger than their victims.
    IV. They use harsh words to threaten their victims.
    V. They try to appear and look mean.

    5. St. Xavier’s School.

    6. He was been wise, by taking the challenge and not look like a coward.

    7. Derick, Penny and Nick were class mates. Mr. Cook was their class teacher, while Mr. Macintosh was the deputy head teacher.

    8. He got back at Derick by humiliating him before the crowd, by challenging him openly to a maths quiz as he looked straight into his eyes. And his friends were not allowed to near him.
    And when he failed the quiz, the crowd laughed. This made it more humiliating.

    9. Humiliation was seen in almost every part of the story. How Derick humiliated Nick, while Penny humiliated Derick and encouraged Nick to do thesame to Derick, who eventually felt really humiliated.

    10a. Yes it is an issue.
    b. This is an issue, especially when you are new in a School. Some of the other students, tend to bully the new student who is yet to understand the School system. Likewise, the senior students bully the junior students. They can also make fun of their looks, size and height. Atimes, they collect money and different things from them

  7. No1.) (i.) Derrick
    (ii.) Penney
    (iii.) Nick
    (iv.) Mr. MaCintosh
    (v.) Mr. Cook
    No2.) (a.) screamed- yelled
    (b.) twaddle- nonsense
    (c.) flunk- fail
    (d.) dismantled- disempowered
    (e.) overwhelmed- flabbergasted
    (f.) mummified- frazzled
    No3.) (i.) An expression used to angrily tell someone that he/she is in serious trouble.
    (ii.) Meaning: that is so great or wonderful.
    (iii.) An expression used when someone wants to make an agreement with another person.
    (iv.) A way of forcefully telling someone to keep quiet.
    No4.) (i.) They attack others when they are helpless.
    (ii.) They threaten others in order to get what they want from them.
    (iii.) They use their physical appearance and aggressiveness to belittle their preys.
    (iv.) Many a times, they inflict pain on their preys in order to breed fear in their minds.
    (v.) They rain a lot of abuses/insults on others.
    No5.) The setting of the story is in a school environment, (St. Xavier’s School).
    No6.) In order to teach Derrick a lesson, Nick was determined to humiliate him. In general, bullies are believed to be ‘dumb’ and ‘cowardly’. They only use their physical strength to bully others, but their mental strength is ‘weak’.
    So, for Derrick to accept such a challenge from someone, (Nick, being one of his preys), was a “smart move” by him; proving that: “he wasn’t dumb after all”.
    No7.) (i.) Penney—Derrick: Penney was a major threat to Derrick, meaning that he (Derrick) was no match for him (Penney).
    (ii.) Derrick—Nick: Derrick was a bully to Nick.
    (iii.) Penney—Nick: Penney was Nick’s inspiration to get back at Derrick.
    (iv.) Mr. MaCintosh—Mr. Cook: Mr. MaCintosh was the deputy head teacher and above Mr. Cook, who was just a Maths teacher.
    (v.) Mr. Cook—The students: Mr. Cook was their Maths teacher.
    (vi.) Derrick—His boys: Derrick was the leader of his bully gang.
    No8.) Nick got back at Derrick by humiliating him in front of the whole class. He knew that Derrick could not stand a chance against him when he was challenged.
    As I earlier mentioned, bullies are not strong enough mentally as they believe they are physically. So, when Nick challenged Derrick to answer the mental Math sums he threw at him, he completely flunked it.
    And Nick was very certain, that Derrick won’t ever dare to prey on him again because; “Bullies hate humiliation”. And Nick had humiliated him.
    No9.) Humiliation, according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, is defined as; “The act of making somebody feel ashamed or stupid and lose the respect of other people”.
    “Humiliation” is an outstanding theme in the story. When Penney told Nick that bullies hate humiliation, Nick was encouraged and eager to try it out on Derrick. When he finally did it, Derrick was so ashamed of himself and he felt very stupid and cowardly.
    Even at the beginning of the text, Derrick feared being humiliated so much, as to not accept the challenge presented to him by Penney. Penney, being an intelligent boy, knew what was best to sweep a bully off his feet. He knew the importance of “humiliation” in protecting oneself from the claws of bullies.
    And that was the reason he advised Nick on how to totally humiliate and belittle Derrick; in order to get back at him for all the bullying he had inflicted on him since his arrival at St. Xavier’s school.
    No10.) Yes, I do.
    –The reasons I think so are:
    (i.) Bullying tends to bring low the self esteem of its victims. Bullying belittles people, (students in this case) to the point where they feel worthless.
    (ii.) Also, bullying tends to increase the rate at which students and young people develop mental problems. When an individual has been bullied, he/she may not have anyone to run to for help. Or he/she may even have been threatened by the bullies against telling on their evil works.
    This can make such a person fall into a state of depression, and this “depression”, may lead to worse situations such as mental derailment/madness, and in most cases; death, (either by suicide or cognitive problems).

  8. 1. Derrick, Penney, Nick, Mr. Cook, Mr. Macintosh.

    2. a) shrieked
    b) babble
    c) fail
    d) defeated
    e) astonished
    f) startled

    3. i) To be doomed or in a lot of trouble
    ii) Something that is intellectually deep, entering far into subjects
    iii) To strike a bargain or make an agreement on something with someome
    iv) A rude way of telling someone to stop talking.

    4. a) Threatening
    b) Accosting
    c) Beating
    d) Twaddling
    e) Laying ambush

    5. An high school environment.

    6. This is a sarcastic way of ridiculing Derrick, knowing fully well that he’d flunk, as Derrick was actually dumb.

    7. Nick, Penney and Nick are classmates. Nick used to be intimidated by a bullying Derrick, until intelligent and confident Penny came to save the day. Mr. Cook was their math teacher, and Mr. MaCintosh was their deputy headteacher.

    8. After an eye opening discussion with Penney, Nick was able to get back at Derrick by craftily convincing him into taking up a challenge publicly, unknowing to Derrick, in exchange for all his money. Derrick was trapped, and in a bid to save his face opted to take up the challenge, without seeing the bigger picture.

    9. Humiliation is the act of humbling someone, abasing one’s pride, in a rather embarrassing way. Derrick was a bully, and he was humiliated in an intellectual manner. It wasn’t necessarily by force or my means of a superior intervention. He was ashamed and too bewildered to do anything, in the face of the public!

    10. A. Yes, it is
    B. Bullying happens to be very rampant in every schools. It might not be too extravagant, but it surely does exist. And shy, introverted and gentle students are often victims. They’ve been so threatened to talk, and end up relinquishing their defences and yielding to the bullies terms. Since they are so scared to tell their teachers and parents, how would they help. Bullying cripples their self esteem, and they end up scared of their fellow mates, and duped. Indeed, every school needs an intellectual Penney to pull down every bullies.

  9. I Feel So Sorry For You

    1. (a) Derrick
    (b) Penney
    (c) Nick
    (d) Mr. Cook
    (e) Mr. MaCintosh

    2. (a) whined, shouted
    (b) rubbish, nonsense
    (c) flop, fail
    (d) awed, dazzled
    (e) shocked, speechless

    3. (a) It means one in a lot of trouble; very serious trouble
    (b) Something is impressive, realistic
    (c) It means to make an agreement; strike a bargain with someone
    (d) It’s a rude way of telling someone to be quiet; to be silent

    4. (a) They rely on their strength, use it to create fear on their victims.
    (b) They talk down on their prey, make them feel bad.
    (c) They are manipulative; they use their strengths and power to their advantage to intimidate their prey.
    (d) They tease, taunt, do name calling in order to weaken their prey.
    (e) They are insensitive, emotional wrecks (weaklings), and they tend to project their insecurities on their victims so they can feel better.

    5. A school; St. Xavier’s
    6. It is a taunting remark (positive) intended to goad/trick someone into agreeing with something he is reluctant to do. A clever way to get someone to do something he is reluctant about.

    7. (a) Student – classmate relationship (as in the case of Penney, Derrick and Nick)
    (ii) Student – teacher relationship (Penney’s classmate with Mr. Cook)
    (iii) Employer – employee relationship (as in the case of Mr. Cook with Mr. MaCintosh

    8. Nick got back at Derrick by challenging him to a mental math competition duel in front of the whole class which caused Derrick great embarrassment and humiliation.

    9. Right from the start of the story through the end of it, it was visible as humiliation was played out. Derrick was a bully, a mean one, who no one could stand up to. Penney decided to take the bull by the horn, and stand up to him; he challenged him to a word of play which Derrick chickened out of. He (Penney) understands that bullying is what cowards do in order to convince themselves they ain’t no coward, and only by calling them out on it would make them see who they truly are for, and he (Penney) used that not to only his advantage but also free a fellow classmate and a prey of Derrick from Derrick’s claws by causing great embarrassment to him (so much for a bully who didn’t know what would become of “one” when added to another “one”!).

    10. (a) Yes, I think bullying is a serious issues at schools.
    (b) Bullying is defined according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary as the (repeated) abuse and maltreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful, more aggressive, etc. Bullying can be done in so many ways that includes verbally, physically, socially or emotionally.

    School should be a place where students should feel safe, but sometimes that isn’t the case. It is recorded that at least one out of ten students miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students; statistics shows that 78% of students have been victims of bullying on at least one occasion and 71% have lashed out at others at least once, again research shows that the verbal and physical bullying are more common in schools. The shortest student in the class would be intimated by the tallest student and would easily be a target for bullying, a deformed student is a bullying material, even “albinos” in our schools are object of mockery and intimidation, such acts of indifference is harmful. It would make the victims belittle themselves; create low self esteem in them. Bullying has several adverse effects on a child than meet the eyes. We can only hope that principals, teachers, administrators take bullying with more seriousness and hand out severe punishment to anyone found bullying a fellow student.

  10. 1. Five characters in the story.
    a). Derrick.
    b). Nick.
    c). Penney.
    d). Mr. Cook.
    e). Mr. MaCintosh.
    2. The following words and their synonyms:
    a). Screamed -> shriek.
    b). Twaddle -> nonsense.
    c). Flunk -> fail.
    d). Dismantled -> break apart.
    e). Overwhelmed -> engulf.
    f). Mummified -> weaken.
    3. The meaning of the expressions:
    1. “You are dead meat” – It means “you are in very serious trouble”, that may result to the person being hurt or injured in some way.
    2. “That is so profound” – To be amazed at something or someone or come in agreement with someone who is brilliant or clever.
    3. “I want make a deal with you” – To make a bargain with someone.
    4. ” Shut ya trap” – Telling someone to shut up in a rude way, be quiet or cease from talking immediately.
    4a. Using words, statements, .e.g. name calling, to gain power and control.
    b. Physical violence on other kids. e.g. punching, kicking, slapping. e.t.c.
    c. Hurting other kids emotionally like spreading rumors about other kids.
    d. Using pranks on other kids, videoing or taking pictures of them while doing it and posting it on the internet. ( It can be called cyber bullying.)
    e. Forming groups to attack other kids, this mainly to gain respect from other kids.
    5. The setting of the story is a school – st. Xavier.
    6. ” Another smart move by you. See! You ain’t that dumb after all.” Nick was actually making a mockery out of Derrick, using it as a way to humiliate him, because bullies are like kings and Lords of the school and as a king you have to be smart and not dumb. So I would say Nick was indirectly calling Derrick a dumb boy.
    7. The relationship between the characters:
    Nick, Penney and Derrick all attend the same school.
    ( st. Xavier) Nick had always been bullied by Derrick and never had the chance to fight back because of Derrick’s group and his physical appearance, but it all stops when he sees Penney stand up to Derrick. He discusses his problem with Penney and find a way to stop this act. Derrick is the bully in school and leader of his gang/ group, Mr. MaCintosh is the deputy headteacher of the school, and Mr. Cook is the math teacher.
    8. Nick got back at Derrick by humiliating him in math class ( through the advise from Penney) by making and challenging him to a duel, a mental math quiz, this was a way for Nick to get all his money back and also get back at him for his money back and also get back at him for all his bullies in the past. In summary, He got back at him by turning the table around.
    9. Bullies hate humiliation, just embarrassing or humiliating them in public would bring them down from their high estate. This was the tool Nick and Penney used in the story. Bullies hate being put to shame. They are cowards. Although Penney and Nick’s physical appearance wasn’t a match for Derrick, they were both intellectually smarter than Derrick. They used their intelligence to humiliate Derrick. It worked for them. It works sometimes on bullies, but not to all, because some may take it as a lesson, some may not, but get angry and come to get back at you.
    10. Bullying is indeed a serious issue in schools.
    b). I say so, because statistics and studies shows that bullying is almost a trace in every relationship in schools among boys and girls. The race for superiority among boys and girls, popularity and celebrity pursuit, bullying in its physical form has changed into new forms, (e.g verbally, psychological and emotionally) which are now the tools that boys and girls use to gain respect, and popularity, in a way of acquiring more power and superiority over their mates, which is the core aims bullies try to achieve.
    Seriously speaking, bullying has just become so common that one can say it has come to stay and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  11. 1. 5 characters are:
    I. Derrick
    ii. Penney
    iii. Mr. Cook
    iv. Mr. MaCintosh

    2. (a). Screamed- Yelled
    (b). Twaddle- Nonsense
    (c). Flunk- Fail
    (d). Dismantled- Destroyed
    (e). Overwhelmed- Overcome
    (f). Mummified- Dumbfounded

    3. I. The expression is used to tell that one is in trouble.
    ii. It means that something is so great.
    iii. It means one want to have an accord with someone.
    iv. It means a person should keep quiet.

    4. I. Bullies attack their preys by shunning or verbally abusing them.
    ii. Bullies attack their preys by physically abusing them.
    iii. They attack their preys by forcefully collecting some of their useful belongings.
    iv. They attack their preys by threatening them.
    v. They attack their preys by making false accusations against them.

    5. The setting of the play is at St. Xavier’s

    6. It is a sarcastic remark that was made by Nick and it was intended to humiliate Derrick. What Nick truly meant was that it was unwise for Derrick to have accepted the deal as Derrick is not equal to the task and he was sure he would defeat Derrick.

    7. Derrick, Nick and Penney are students at St. Xavier’s. Derrick is a bully and one of His preys is Nick. Penney is Nick’s friend who advised him to man up and get his money back from Derrick and also humiliate him as bullies hate humiliation. Derrick is trying to bully Penney but Penney isn’t giving in despite his aggression. Mr. Cook is a Mathematics teacher at St. Xavier’s and Mr. MaCintosh is the deputy head teacher at St. Xavier’s.

    8. Nick got back at Derrick with the mental math sum in the maths lesson. It was a paired activity.
    Nick paired with Derrick and had a deal with him. If Derrick got the ten questions correctly, he would get the 5quid but if he didn’t, he would pay Nick all the money he owed him, a hundred and twenty quid. Derrick felt humiliated as he couldn’t get Nick’s questions correctly. Nick further belittled him when he asked one add one.

    9. Humiliation is any act done to embarrass, disgrace, mortify or dishonour a person. It means making someone feel ashamed and degraded. It is so bad that it can lead to constant anxiety and serious mental health problems. It can also lead to depression and decreased self esteem which can affect a person’s life and ability to do work negatively. When a person’s ability to work is affected negatively, he/she will abandon his/her interests and this will stop the person from pursuing his/her desired goals if proper care is not taken as ability and eagerness to work is reduced.

    10. Yes, it is a serious issue.
    ii. It appears that bullying causes more harm to victims than one can think of. Most students who fall preys to the doers of this evil act are usually students who appear timid, extremely quiet and those with very small physique as they are underrated due to their little stature or extremely calm nature and bullies feel they can’t stand up for themselves. Bullying is capable of decreasing a student’s self esteem and eagerness to do major activities which include working hard to achieve already set or future goals. It can also cause constant panic attacks in victims who fall prey. Bullying gives a victim tough time throughout the period it lasts and if care is not taken, it can cause serious physical harm or even death to a victim in a situation whereby the victim is beaten or maimed. Bullying is a serious issue and proper measures should be taken to curb the act as it has become rampant at schools.

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