It’s your world


It was a long tunnel that was lit with bright lights. Mira, and Kenny walked on for what seemed like ages. Finally, they negotiated a last bend and the sign boldly written, read:



Mira and Kenny looked at each other and walked on.  The lights were now blinking, giving sharp and contrasting images of people waltzing past them and swaying behind them. People of different shades and colours, they all seemed happy, they all seemed as if they were in cloud nine. If there was any time that people got deceived it was under coloured lights. Women seemed pretty. Men seemed handsome.

A particular guy with headphones on walked past Kenny and Mira from the opposite direction sharply dancing on. The colours on the headset was orange and he brushed Kenny by the butt. Kenny was known for lack of patience on such things like, being touched, brushed or felt, in sensitive parts of the body. He lounged forth for the guy, Mira pulled him back “No, you are not going to spoil our evening for us. I am sure it was a genuine mistake.” They walked on and more people passed them and the traffic intensified as they walked on. One interesting thing was that the headsets that people wore were all oozing in different colours of light – green, blue, orange and the people all seemed crazy. The people were dancing to some unseen and unheard music and singing to themselves.  It reminded one of a weird house of horror party that was in a different world where everybody walked on the same path but on different frequencies. It reminded one of the house of Ms. Havisham from the famous Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.

The walk in the tunnel seemed endless.

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