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Kusunga – part 1 Answers

Please use the answers below to check your answers. The answers may vary with what you wrote. So use this as a guide and if you have any questions, email me at: uwemmbotumana@gmail.com
I will mark question 12.
Please send me the score you gave yourself latest Wednesday 26th August 2020. Total marks – 50

1. Where is the setting of this story? – Nsaba State (1 mark)
2. How many characters can you identify in the story? Kusunga, Cecelia, cultural troupe, priest, MC, elders, kinsmen, Chinese men, two gentlemen, a large lady. (10 marks)
3. Give synonyms for the words in bold in paragraph 1
a. garb – clothes, costume, outfit, attire (1 mark)
b. trooped – marched, thronged, streamed, flocked, walked, filed. (1 mark)
c. adorning – decorating, imprinting, embellishing (1 mark)
d. hats – caps, fezzes (1 mark)
e. en masse – together, as a whole, in a body (1 mark)
f. rally – meeting, assembly, gathering (1 mark)
4. Give the meaning of the words coloured in blue (3 words) reiterated – say something a number of times for emphasis, repeating the same thing; manifesto – a public declaration of what a person would do before an election; droned – carrying on incessantly, drumming on, (3 marks)
5. Write out a slogan you can identify in paragraph 2 – Government of hope. Hope for the masses (1 mark)
6. What are the five cardinal points that Kusunga set as his electoral agenda? free education for all the young people, health centres for all rural communities, rural electrification for all the communities in the state, good road network and back to farming project (5 marks)
7. What are the problems you notice in paragraph 3 Kusunga not keeping to time, the people waiting endlessly, people being offered gifts. (2 marks)
8. What does the phrase ‘well -rehearsed tune’ mean? – a tune that has been practiced over and over. (1 mark)
9. Who is Cecelia ? – Kusunga’s wife (1 mark)
10. What other ways is Cecelia being addressed as? – First Lady, Madam Cece, Cece baby (3 marks)
11. List one way that Cecelia was making money ? – organizing meeting between people who wanted to see her husband and her husband and charing money for this. (1 mark)
12. A. Would you vote for Kusunga in an election ? yes or no
B. In your own words write why you would vote for Kusunga or not vote for Kusunga (Not more than 300 words). This is your own opinion now.
13. ‘They are looking for ways to decongest China’ – what do you understand by this phrase? They are looking for ways to China go less in population, since they are too many people in China already. (2 marks)
14. The Chinese people paid USD100k to meet with Kusunga – what does this tell you about the integrity of these Chinese people who travelled to Dubai to meet with Kusunga? – These people have no integrity, no moral uprightness and should not be trusted. (2 marks)
15. In paragraph 5, identify:
A. 5 noun phrases – The sirens, the crowd, cultural troupe, flower girl, traditional rulers (5 marks) There are other noun phrases that I have not listed here.
B. One adjective phrase – darkly tinted (1 mark)
C. One adverb – sheepishly (1 mark)
D. 5 verbs – list any five verbs – blared, made, erupted, broke, stepped (5 marks). There are other verbs I have not listed. If you have listed the verbs, mark it for yourself.

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