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Kusunga – part 2 – answer key

Please use the answer key to self assess your work. The answers may not be the same exactly but the sense will be the same.

The judge will mark questions 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12


  1. Write in your own words the meaning of the following words: (16 marks)


  1. trickled – flow in a small stream ( 1 mark)
  2. caliber – level/standard/quality – (1 mark)
  3. inept – having or showing no skill – (1 mark)
  4. corruption – dishonest or fraudulent conduct (1 mark)
  5. barriers – obstacles /hurdles (1 mark)
  6. electorate – the people who voted in the election (1 mark)
  7. freebies – free stuff (1 mark)
  8. stingy – tight fisted, not given to giving (1 mark)
  9. wherewithal – means/ financial capability ( 1 mark)
  10. treasury – government coffers/ government money reserve (1 mark)
  11. dirged – lamented (1 mark)
  12. wailed – cried ( 1 mark)
  13. splurted (should have been spurted) – flow out suddenly with force (1 mark) bonus point
  14. inundate – populate, fill up (1 mark)
  15. déjà vu – experiencing something that feels like you have experienced it before (1 mark)
  16. exorbitant – expensive (1 mark)



  1. Explain the meaning of the following words or phrases: (11 marks)
  2. a scholar par excellence – someone who is well schooled ( 1 mark)
  3. The people considered him a joker – he is not taken seriously (1 mark)
  4. Every time you take a gift from the political elite, you are selling away your future – every time you take a gift from the politicians, you are giving yourself away, you don’t have the right to ask them questions – (1 mark)
  5. mismatch – not equal in quality (1 mark)
  6. quest – zeal/desire – (1 mark)
  7. mockery – mimicry, fun, jest (1 mark)
  8. You cannot demand for accountability because you have eaten from the pot – you cannot call the politicians to order because you have been bribed
  9. indicted – accused (1 mark)
  10. memorabilia – objects associated with an event to create a memory (1 mark)
  11. They knew that Mr. Atta was done with them – Atta was finished with them/ he dodn’t have time for them anymore
  12. The Chinese invasion of Nsaba State – The Chinese taking over of Nsaba State


  1. Who gave loan to Nsaba State (1 mark) – The Chinese
  2. What was the collateral for the loan? (1 mark) – The unmined bauxite in the state
  3. What natural resource is Nsaba State endowed with? (1 mark) – bauxite


  1. After the elections, where did Mr. Atta relocate to? (1 mark) – his farm in his village
  2. Describe Mr. Atta in your own words (not more than 100 words) 50 marks (the judge will mark this question)
  3. After the elections, what did Mr. Atta do for a livelihood? (1 mark) – farming
  4. Why did the elders of the land go to visit Mr. Atta? (5 marks) – The judge will make this question
  5. Was Mr. Attah happy to see the elders? (1 mark) – no
  6. Give an evidence from the text to support your answer. (2 marks) “Why are you angry with us?”

There are other examples as well.


  1. When you accept a gift from a politician, you disempower yourself from demanding for accountability.
  2. Do you agree? (1 mark)
  3. Why? (3 marks) You have to give your own reason(s) why you agree or disagree.
  4. Write down 6 questions you would like to ask Mr. Atta. Don’t write questions that require yes/no as an answer. (6 marks)


The key for question 5 is:

This the format for marking the written piece – SPVCO ( total: 50 marks)

S (10 marks)- sentence structures used – your ability to use different sentence types. Example: simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, etc.

P(10) – punctuation and spelling – your ability to use different punctuation marks and capital letter effectively. Your ability to spell words correctly.

V (10)- vocabulary – your ability to use different choice of words to convey meaning and create impact.

C (10) – content  – making sure your writing is relevant to the task you were asked to do.

O(10) – organization – how you are able to organize your thoughts in a cohesive and organized way.

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