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Tags: friendship

A night of friendship

Sitting at the roof terrace, were the kinsmen and kinswomen of the curator. The curator had driven over one hundred and sixty kilometres to fetch his kinsfolk to come and tarry the night with him. This was a very special occasion for him. Kinsmen were special. They spoke your language, they understood your metaphors, they […]

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Remember Mark

Weighing over one hundred and fifty kilogrammes, he could barely fit into that chair. The desk in the classroom, could barely contain him. The desk had to sit on his laps or he had to sit sideways in order to be able to relax a little bit.  Big Bondus was seventeen years old and had […]

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When two griots met

Driving into the city’s central station, I was watching out for the governor of words. He was supposed to be standing outside the station. It was a real summery day with a high of thirty degrees. I even turned on the air in the car. It was like the Gulf of Alaska. One moment the […]

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