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Tags: schooling

Remember Mark

Weighing over one hundred and fifty kilogrammes, he could barely fit into that chair. The desk in the classroom, could barely contain him. The desk had to sit on his laps or he had to sit sideways in order to be able to relax a little bit.  Big Bondus was seventeen years old and had […]

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I can’t lie to myself – part 1

“Ding dong” the doorbell went. “Ding Dong” the doorbell went again. Mrs. Brian peeped through the keyhole and that face did not look familiar. Was anyone expecting anyone? She couldn’t be too sure. No one has ever dropped by on a Saturday morning, so early. The gentleman standing outside looked like from out of state. […]

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Coza and Loreen

He felt like a warlord. He always had his aides around him. Anytime he spoke, it was like a decree. He ruled and reigned at Westcroft. The teachers did not know what to do with him anymore. Different strategies had been put in place to support him. He defied every known and well tested strategy. […]

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