Uwem Mbot Umana

Uwem Umana is an English teacher, teacher trainer, educational consultant, learning expert, leader, business analyst, copywriter, coach and mentor. He has taught in three continents – Africa, Europe and Asia. He is a story teller, poet, essayist and critique.

He has published an anthology of poems Awakening the Troubadours (A new
anthology, 2003) edited by Taye Anavhe and Drums and Blues(1999).
He is a regular contributor for The Tempo magazine (Abu Dhabi), newspapers,
different online platforms, websites, copywriter for social media platforms and
different electronic media.

He is also one of the contributors for the book “Improving professional learning through in-house inquiry”.

Uwem is a traveller and active sportsman. He plays scrabble and likes to hold nice conversations with people from all walks of life.

Uwem studied geology, education, English and literature in the university. He holds a master’s degree in Leadership and Management from Warwick University, UK.

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