The adventure of Dunlop – part 3    #determination #powerofdream #humour #everylittlehelpcounts #supernatural

Dunlop was in the bathroom for longer than would be considered necessary. In Abdullahi’s residence, they had only one bathroom and two toilets. People do not spend too much time because there is always someone wanting to use the bathroom. The rule in Abdullahi’s residence in using the washroom is keep it short. Hajiya made Dunlop feel welcome even though she has never met him. There were a total of twenty two people in the three bedroom house. Uncle Abdullahi and Hajiya had one room. The boys had one room and the girls had one room. As soon as uncle Abdullahi dropped Dunlop at home, he went back to work. He worked as a cabbie. He worked almost round the clock. That evening Dunlop met Fatima, Amina, Auwa, Mohammed, Sergie, Abdulla, and Ahmed. He was wondering where all those souls slept at night. These people were constantly busy. Some were either taking something out of their suitcase or putting something back in their suitcase. There were clothes hanged over the banisters and radiators. There were sleeping bags everywhere. There was hardly any space to move about. People streamed in and streamed out. Some were either going to work, or coming back from work. In the space of about three hours since he arrived, he had met over ten different faces. Some just disappeared and some just stayed put. He noticed however that Auwa was in one corner of the living room studying. She refused to be distracted by all the noise and situations around. She had the power of focus and this automatically drew Dunlop to Auwa.

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