The Adventure of Dunlop – part 4   #powerofdream  #supernatural   #takinginitiatives  #victory  #notafraidtofail

September the 2nd will ever remain memorable in the mind of Dunlop as he stepped into the gates of St. Joseph’s Academy two busstops away from Uncle  Abdullahi’s home. He was sporting a brand new navy blue blazer that was purchased from Asda’s. His shoes were sparkling and Abdulla had taken him the night before to the barber’s shop for a clean cut. He needed to look younger anyways. Despite his definitive muscular development and strength, the haircut made him at least four years younger than his real age.

Everybody in Abdullahi’s home had come to terms with that fact that there was something special about Dunlop. He was like that ray of light that you could not quench. In order to get the full dividends of Dunlop you needed to form an alliance with him. When once you formed an alliance with him, he would do anything for you. His energy level was almost inexhaustible. Where did he get all that amount of energy from? He would often times iron for everybody in the house. Anytime he set up the ironing board, “folks I am about to iron, anybody with anything to iron?” his voice would ring out. People would scurry to hand him a shirt, a trouser, a skirt, an item of clothing and with a smile, he would press all of these items. He broke a record as the first person to step into Uncle Abdullahi’s home and within a month offered to support the home. His keepy up skills was generating some income for him and anytime he popped by Tesco’s, he always purchased the one litre full cream  and semi skimmed milk for the house with freshly baked bread. He made sure he always bought a little choc for Hajiya. His uncle back home once told him that women like being valued and given gifts.

“No matter how rich a woman is son, you can always indulge her. A choc here and an ice cream there. A word about how pretty her dress is now matter how crappy it looks will always bring a smile on her face and pave a way for you son.”

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