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The conversation on the boat


Conversation on the boat
CostaBlue photography (C) 2016 

It was a hot humid afternoon. People queued up to board the boat. The boat man directed people to different spots on the boat. When Meme entered the boat, the boat almost tipped over. The boatman, Old Gandi asked Isantim to move over to the other side of the boat to create a balance. Meme jumped in and the boat sank an inch further into the shallow water.

Old Gandi roared the boat to life. The engines revved. The boat was unhooked from the anchors and slowly the boat began to pull out of the jetty. Elijah sat at the front of the boat, surrounded by Elisha, Mettu, Peter, John, Temple,  Isantim, Dorcas, Louise, Eunice, Mary, Martha and Zachariah. They were all ears. Mettu started off by re-capping what a great time they had had earlier on in the morning when spiritual bread was broken. He talked about how he felt such a tug at his heart when the scrolls were opened and the priest read from the scrolls, those divine words. He said that it ignited something in him and elevated him to a different dimension. Temple added that he just couldn’t imagine how desperate Zaccheus was, such that he had to climb a tree, so that he could see the master. The fascinating thing for him, said Isantim was that when the Master reached the tree where Zaccheus was, He stopped and commanded that Zaccheus should come down from that tree because that night He was going to sup at his place. “How did he know that Zaccheus was on top of that tree?”

“Here is the thing you guys do not understand”, said John. “What you guys fail to understand is that, this man is a dual natured being. He exists in two dimensions.  He might sit here physically with you and I and feel the breeze and eat food and get tired and all of that. At the same time He can also switch dimensions. He can be a god straightaway and create things and do supernatural things. That was the fascinating thing about Him. He could switch dimensions effortlessly.”

Eunice chipped in that, what bothered her the most was, how He approached the fig tree supposing that there was a fruit on the tree only to be deceived. He is supposed to know all things. “How come he didn’t know this particular one?” Timothy laughed. You know that kind of a laughter that said I know exactly what you mean, I have had that same thing puzzle my mind for ages.

“You know that used to bother me a lot too, Eunice until recently I came across an illumination.”

“Tell me more” Eunice urged him.

Old Gandi turned the boat eastwards and the wind was in their favour now. Though it was humid, the cool from the breeze calmed everybody down. A fish flapped past. On the opposite side, Mingo island could be sighted with all the pink coloured flamingoes. They looked quite gorgeous.  The boatman turned off his engine and let out the sail. The wind blew the sail and drifted the boat along. It was so soothing and almost allured the occupants to sleep.

“Why did you turn off the engine ?” Meme asked Old Gandi.

“We are near Mingo island. The flamingoes hate sound. It distracts their attention and makes them fly. So when we get near the island we turn off our engine.”

“Oh I see! I never knew that sounds scare them or bother them” Meme concluded.

“Even more so, I want to hear these words – they mean so much to me” Old Gandi said.

“Well you, see” said Timothy. “I was studying an ancient man recently, a wise man and he said that the reason that the master cursed the fig tree was to demonstrate that he was master of humans, nature and all the elements therein.”

“What was the point for that though?” Eunice argued further. “There were so many sick people around, people in diverse afflictions and needs. He could have expended that power to curse an illness, heal the sick people or meet people’s needs, than waste it cursing a fig tree.”

“That is exactly my point. He was both the maker and destroyer of the universe. He has all powers to do so and nobody can question him. He wanted to prove that to his followers” Timothy concluded.

“It’s called sovereignty” Elisha chipped in. People were shocked because he had his eyes closed and everybody thought that he was asleep.

“That’s right” the crowd on the boat chorused.

The wind increased in intensity, the boat paced faster and the waters began to swirl.

“This is strange” old Gandi spoke. “I have been patrolling this water for twenty years now, I have never seen this happen”.

“What?” people chimed.

“The stirring of the waters. This water is usually very calm this season”.

The waters stirred ferociously and the boat began to rock. Everybody felt a tinge of shiver and coolness down their spine. It was inexplicable. Some unusual phenomenon.

“He is here” Elijah pronounced.

“Ask what you will. The water has been troubled, the first to jump in gets what he or she wants.”

Meme was about to tip herself over when Gab caught her and stabilized her.

“Why do you want to do that?” Gab asked.

“Didn’t you hear what Elijah said, that He’s here and the water is troubled. First to jump in gets healed?”

“Yes I heard him. That’s not what he meant. It means the first to tap into the anointing that is present now gets whatever is on their heart.”

There was a whoosh sound! Some fishes splashed right through them, the mingos began to congregate at one spot and the boatman removed his old hat.

People bowed their hearts and began to ask knowing that there was a supernatural presence on the boat.

Old Gandi had a request on his heart, it was for the healing of Florence. Florence was thousands of miles away. But he knew that the same one who spoke to that fig tree and cursed it, can curse the illness in Florence and make Florence whole again. Doctors had given up on Florence, medicine had done its best for Florence, but there existed one more final option for Florence. That option was here now and Old Gandi felt that coolness sweep over him and something settled in his heart that, distance was no barrier and Florence will be well.

The conversation on the boat brought Him on the scene.


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