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silent party 1
image taken from www.yahoo.co.uk

It was a long tunnel that was lit with bright lights. Mira, and Kenny walked on for what seemed like ages. Finally, they negotiated a last bend and the sign boldly written read“EIGHTEEN? YES, CONTINUE! NO, TURN BACK!”

Mira and Kenny looked at each other and walked on.  The lights were now blinking, giving sharp and contrasting images of people waltzing past them and swaying behind them. People of different shades and colours, they all seemed happy, they all seemed as if they were in cloud nine. If there was any time that people got deceived it was under coloured lights. Women seemed pretty. Men seemed handsome.

A particular guy with headphones on walked past Kenny and Mira from the opposite direction sharply dancing on. The colours on the headset was orange and he brushed Kenny by the butt. Kenny is known for lack of patience on such things like, being touched, brushed or felt, in sensitive parts of the body. He lounged forth for the guy, Mira pulled him back “No, you are not going to spoil our evening for us. I am sure it was a genuine mistake.” They walked on and more people passed them and the traffic intensified as they walked on. One interesting thing was that the headsets that people wore were all radiating different colours of light – green, blue, orange and the people all seemed crazy. The people were dancing to some unseen and unheard music and singing to themselves.  It reminded one of a weird house of horror party that was in a different world where everybody walked on the same path but on different frequencies. It reminded one of the house of Ms. Havisham from the famous Charles Dickens.

The walk in the tunnel seemed endless. There was some kind of energy flowing along the tunnel. It was electrifying. Mira and Kenny got magnetized. As they walked, they jerked forward, sideways and sometimes paused and laughed. They started finding everything funny. It was like they had transited into a haze, into a labyrinth.  Finally, the last bend and there was a desk in front of them and two queues.  A voluminous gentleman wearing a suit that barely fitted him was attending to one queue and a fine thin lady decked in sports gear was attending to the other queue. The lady looked like someone suffering from anorexia while the voluminous gentleman looked like someone on a weight gain plan. They both  talked in hushed tones to the person they were attending to.

Mira and Kenny watched as people leaned closer to them to hear what they had to say. The anorexia lady was attending to a gentleman who wore very bogus fitting orange trousers that stopped short of his ankles. He kept having to pull the trousers up his butt, to keep them in place. “I wished I had an extra belt or suspenders, I would have come to his aid” Kenny thought out aloud. He wore Adidas trainers and a shirt that barely contained the size of his belly. Every time he raised his hand, the shirt went up with his hand exposing the mound of flesh that laid underneath the shirt. The bloke dipped his hands into his pocket and fiddled for a long time for something, then he switched his hands to his back pocket and brought out a small sized towel. He wiped the perspiration from his brows and glistening head, put the towel back in the pocket and used his left palm to search for something in his front left pocket. He dug it out, a wallet. He brought out his ID and handed it to the lady. She looked at it and then beckoned on him to move over to the voluminous guy. There were two people ahead of Mira and Kenny in the queue and they kept dancing. What were they dancing to? There was no sound, except the lights and the effects. Were they seeing something, hearing something that Kenny and Mira did not see or hear? The big guy brought out a pair of headsets and gave it to this big dude, whispered some things to the big dude and passed him down the line. The big dude fiddled with the headset and changed the channels. He struck the right one. He shoved his body and moved on. His afro had a depression, where the headphones rested on his head.

Mira and Kenny stood before the lady as she whispered “ID please.”

Mira handed her ID and Kenny’s ID, she gave a quick glance and shoved it under the desk. Processed them on to the big guy wearing a suit. The big guy said something, they leaned closer.

“There are three channels operating tonight. This button to change the channel. This is for the volume and this is for the power. Enjoy. Next.”

“Thank you…” Kenny wanted to personalize the greeting but didn’t know what to say.

“Mr. J” the big guy whispered in response.

Mr. J had an incredibly deep voice. That deep baritone that can be likened to that of Barry White or some jazz musician.

Mira and Kenny put on their headsets and fiddled with their channels. Kenny struck a channel that was playing LL Cool J’s ‘Mama said knock you out’. Mira struck a channel that was playing US 3’s ‘Funky funky’. They both adjusted the head set some more and walked through another tunnel into a large open space that had some fascinating lighting. It was like a mad house. A large screen was in the front of what looked like a concourse. Some music video was playing on it, but no sound. People were dancing and twirling and whirling around. Some joined hands and jumped. Others were in solo mode and mood.  Nothing seemed to matter here. Nobody cared. Kenny took a moment to take in the atmosphere. People sat by the circumference of the concourse nodding away. Some people were dancing, some people just sat on the benches and chairs staring into space. People seemed to be in different worlds, spheres and dimensions. Mira and Kenny walked to the immediate right of the room and stood by the embankment facing the centre of the room. Some ladies in black veil were crammed all over the back space. They were like jackals who have just been released into the wild. They were wild, they screamed, shouted and moved their bodies in ecstasy. Some guys in the centre were jumping. Some stood motionless taking in everything that was going on. There was a particular guy doing the snake dance. He kept wriggling his body all over the room through spaces left by moving bodies.

To the far left side of the stage, the two DJs stood. You only saw them wearing and taking off head sets. They sometimes spun the table and played over the controls.

Mira looked at Kenny and they both smiled.  A morbidly obese guy tried to do some break dancing and the result was disastrous. The lights on the headsets on the heads in the room were constantly changing. Some people were watching the music video in the front of the room and dancing along. No sound was made except people laughing or singing along to an unheard tune that none other could hear. Then boom, a guy tried to do a split. His trousers tore and he let out such a loud wind. Nobody cared. Some folks laughed, some giggled but no one went to give him  a hand up. The guy who was doing the snake dance continued with his dance and everybody carried on. A guy stood on a chair and kept jumping down and back on top of the chair. I guess it was his dance. People left the room and more people came into the room. The girls on black made some more noises and the room became more intense. One quick look at all of them – it seemed as if everybody was possessed by some demonic spirit and they were all falling into trances.


  1. The story just had me reading the next line and the next line and the next line somewhat like a build up to either a surprise or a bolt out of the blue till I got to the end (sob sob).

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