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The Voluptuous lady from Texas – part 3

Winter time in Abu Dhabi was what everybody looked forward to. The harsh summer months characterized by high temperatures and humidity especially in the coastal belts was always very exhausting and exasperating. In the night time when people were supposed to have some respite, it was always high in humidity. This made the citizens of this lovely city to seek comfort and solace in air conditioning. You found out that, everywhere there was AC and people could not live without AC. In the car, bus stops, offices, homes, in fact it was against the law to have a home without AC.

October welcomed excitement and enthusiasm, buzzing with the citizens as they cherished the thoughts of ushering in of the cooler months. Towards October ending the harshness of the weather began to fizzle out. The clime started becoming a little bearable. People smiled a bit more and it seemed like you were somewhere in a Spanish resort during Christmas when everybody woke up and all what they talked about was the nice weather. This used to make one to wonder, whether weather was the only topic for conversation for people from England holidaying in the Mediterranean resorts.

Just like people looked forward to the summer season in Europe when the grasses were all green and the flowers were all blossoming, when tourists from across the world came to different sites in Europe to enjoy what the colonial masters once used slave labour to build – those grand palaces and monuments, the underground network, the fantastic parks, historical places, dungeons, the grand squares with all the pigeons and squirrels alert; made Europe such a spectacle to behold in summer. The tours, the food, the cafes, the bureau de changes, brisk businesses, street entertainers, pick pockets, hotels, hostels, you named them, made Europe a place to behold. Likewise, in Abu Dhabi, everybody looked forward to outdooring during the winter months. It was a time when people felt just a little relaxed. A time where you could enjoy a bit of nature in the parks and mountains. A time when you genuinely felt at home in your home. A time to turn off the AC and enjoy natural breeze, a time when even the birds came out in full steam. A time when the gloominess and starchiness in people went on a recess. A time when night time became day. A time when families, friends and loved ones gathered. A time when parks and open spaces hosted ceaseless barbeques.

Yas Getway park on Yas Island of Abu Dhabi was a great place for relaxation. What made it such a great place was the fact that it was tucked away in this lovely island, away from the prying eyes of the world, fused with nature. It was a place that was so vast that it contained visitors and old allies without scrambling for space. It was a nice spot for barbeques and beauty naps.

On this lovely November weekend, some friends were having a great time relaxing with some barbequed food. Some were meeting for the first time.

The families were Emeka, Arit and children; Nedu, Monique and children; Afam, Mmabong and children, Etetim, Mma Ete and children.

Etetim’s gaze was fixed at Arit. There was something about Arit that fascinated Etetim. It was her supersize. She was a nursing mother and had a daughter who was three years old. She looked like a sumo wrestler yet with the meekness of a dove. Since she sat on that chair, she did not move an inch. She ate and ate and ate. She breastfed her baby right on the chair. Her husband Emeka went to the tennis court to play tennis with Mmabong. Mmabong used to play tennis for her college. When she first arrived Abu Dhabi, she was stuck at home with the babies while the husband Afam went to plough to bring in the dough needed to maintain the family. The only thing Mmabong did to pass time was to play tennis. The initial struggle was how to find someone to play with. Since this park was where she and her husband frequented for relaxation with the family, she decided to wander to the tennis court one day, all in a bid to see whether she could meet with someone she could play with. There were two courts. She stood outside the barrier and watched this couple try to play tennis. They did not know their left from right. She offered to show them the basics and later on, got to start playing with Emeka regularly. Emeka wanted to play for fitness and weight loss. However, his supersized wife was not in the mood for anything harsh. She was a paragon of supersized beauty.

Arit was new in Abu Dhabi. She had finally joined her husband after about 10 months of separation. Emeka had gotten a job in the oil and gas sector in Abu Dhabi. Emeka had always talked about working in the middle east. It had been a lifelong dream fulfilled. He had mentioned this to Arit from day one of their meeting that if there was any one place in the world, he would like to work, it was the middle east, so when the opportunity presented itself, Emeka grabbed it with two hands. Since Arit was pregnant, she had to stay behind in Texas to deliver before joining the husband in AD.

One of the greatest challenges about being on the international scene is making friends. Arit is not much of a talker except with Emeka, so throughout the entire time these folks spent together, she talked little and did more chowing. No wonder she was that size.

Introductions were being made around the circle and Etetim whispered to the wife, “this lady looks like somebody from Texas”, now he meant it as a joke because of a tale they once heard that in Texas everything was big, so Etetim thought this fitted this couple. Not knowing that they were actually from Texas.

The lady brought out her boobs in the presence of everybody and fed her baby with pride. Everybody looked to the ground or sky or something. She sure did make everybody uncomfortable. Everybody overheard Emeka say “honey I have told you, you can’t do this in public”. She only responded with “I am a mother with pride”.

The grilled fish was passed round. Arit took a double portion. The grilled chicken was like snacks for her. The grilled plantain she ate with relish and the scallops and oysters were her favourite. She sure enjoyed good delicacies.

Emeka had just wandered off for a game with Mmabong when the chair sank into the floor. The chair was stuck and Arit was on the chair with the baby. She needed help to get out and the situation was getting desperate. She was not lightweight and the rest of the fellas weren’t that strong to pull out this 150kg woman out of the soil.

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