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The voluptuous lady from Texas – part 4

“I was listening to Mbot Jnr, on a live stream giving a perspective on the topic:

Direction is far more important than speed. Many are far ahead, speeding away. They might end up nowhere…Maintain your focus. Diligence and discipline will take you there.

Different participants gave different perspectives, but what struck me the most was the angle posited by Mbot Jnr about speed. He said that speed can be in any direction, however, velocity is speed in a specified direction. He then went on to say that, as long as you are not stationary, you just keep moving in your direction, then you are making progress. That did it for me. I was resolved”.

Arit was on a live TV programme ‘Decca Jones Real-world’ to talk about how she came down from 150kg to 80kg in less than two years.

When Arit sunk in that chair, Monique dashed and grabbed the baby off her, it took a combined effort of Etetim, Afam and Mma Ete to pull Arit off the ground. She was groaning in deep pains. In the quiet park, it was a strange sight to see the wailing siren of the ambulance come and take Arit away. Emeka and Mmabong rushed down from the tennis court and what started as just a routine check ended up revealing that a thirty three years old obese lady was at the brink of extinction. She had high sugar level, sustained elevated blood pressure and suffering from knee and joint issues. Her body was struggling to cope with that weight. She knew she had to lose weight or risk the chance of living a poor quality life with her family. She had a baby to take care of. Her daughter was right there too. She could not afford to lose.

Two years down the line after listening to Mbot Jnr, she defined her direction – to lose weight as a matter of priority. What mattered to her were three key things – what goal she wanted to attain, making the first step and not stopping.

She identified the weight loss target, took the first step and since then she never looked back. She walked five kilometres every day. She went to the sports shop and bought herself a pair of trainers. Walking on the road was free, no need for any gym membership. She identified the time that worked for her, 7pm in the evening. And she never looked back. She walked those pounds away. She stopped red meat, she stopped soda. She embraced fruits and fresh vegetables. She made water her friend. She drank water when she felt like it and drank water when she didn’t feel like it. She drank tea and cut out wine and sugar from her life and after a year she knew she had conquered all the negative reports. Looking at the test results on her hand, she knew she was in the right direction. Her HDL cholesterol had reduced considerably, her blood pressure had normalized, her sugar level had dropped to about a hundred and she was pleased with herself.

She loved her new look, she loved her new health status. She was a product of DPD – determination, persistence and dedication.

She formed a walking club for mothers and intending mothers. They met at the park every morning and evening for a thirty minutes’ brisk walk. If you could not make it during the morning session, there was an evening session opportunity for you. Her rest days were Fridays and Sundays.

The voluptuous lady from Texas never wanted to leave Abu Dhabi. A city she loved because the weather favoured her and she never wanted to be separated from her husband. It was that initial separation that put her in the voluptuous mess. She was comfort eating because she was missing her husband.

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