FEE: £500/Month

Beyond Barriers: A Journey To Transcendence

From 13th May, 2024 – 29th July, 2024.
8:00pm-9:30pm (UK)

(Every Monday)


Are you a dedicated professional in middle management, feeling stuck in your current role and eager to unlock your full potential and elevate your career to the next level?

This is your ticket to get to define, shapen, refine and get a clear cut clarity on your next move.

If You

  • Are unclear of the next move to make in career and personal life.

  • Don’t know how to package your existing skillset and experience so that you can transition into your level.

  • Are afraid that you will end up like Vincent van Gogh who had all those beautiful paintings and only got known post humus.

  • Are not clear of your strengths, weaknesses and how you can leverage yourself with existing opportunities or even create opportunities for yourself.

Join us for this FREE Taster session – you need to be in the virtual room.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Techniques for identifying your personal and professional objectives.

  • Insights into the types of barriers (both internal and external) you might face and strategies for overcoming them.

  • How self-assessment exercises can illuminate your strengths and areas for improvement.

  • The importance of goal-setting activities in charting a clear path forward.

  • Approaches to transcend your identified barriers, setting the foundation for success.

  • Strategies for effective time and calendar management to ensure you prioritise tasks efficiently, avoiding overcommitment and maximising productivity.


What People Are Saying About the Programme

It was an exceptionally enlightening and thought-provoking experience.

A heartfelt thank you to Uwem and Sorie, who continuously prompted us towards self-discovery through the sharing of their encounters in overcoming obstacles along their career journeys.

For the next session, can we have a better experience when using the Maro board?

J.A. from UK

Thanks a lot for this. The session yesterday was fantastic as it not only reinforced some of the things I knew, it also highlighted the need for me to be more intentional about accentuating my strengths and acknowledging/working on my weaknesses. I was only awakened to the fact that I don’t celebrate my wins along my sojourn in life at all because I’m always fixated on the ultimate goal. Indeed, I have been unkind to myself.

I also learned the importance of journalising activities/ideas daily. I actually tried this many years back but as always, being consistent with it is the problem.

Overall, it was a deep and rewarding session and I earnestly look forward the future sessions.

J. From UK

Great session, very interactive. I like how we focused on the positives and negatives. That is balance. Maybe next time we can all introduce ourselves to better get acquainted with the group. Nice to meet you all today! Thank you!

S.D from USA

Marvellous session. I have a strong feeling that some thing great will come up from this. I can’t wait for the next session

P.M. from UK

The session was insightful, educative, and interactive. I discovered my threats and now know how to address them effectively.
Thank you.

Esp. from UK

The programme you’ve established is a great mentoring initiative. Starting the sessions with an evaluation of everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats was very insightful. It helps each person understand their areas for improvement and how to make the most of the programme. I also appreciate the interactive sessions and the use of various IT tools.

I want to sincerely apologise for not being more participatory. Moving forward, I will be intentional in getting the best from the programme. I’m grateful for the support you’re providing to help me excel in my career and life endeavours.

M.E. from UK

Regarding the previous session which is my first, I must say i found it very educative and electrifying, especially the concept of SWOT analysis and getting to meet everyone, albeit online.

I have been somewhat exposed to the SWOT concept in the past, but the deep understanding really dawned on me after the session and i am actively using it to intentionally evaluate myself now

Thanks and I look forward to the next session.

E.O. from UK

If there’s anything i took from this session, it would be:

To celebrate your wins no matter how small.

To do a regular self assessment – values and priorities change over time

Keeping record – more like keeping a diary of your day to day happenings to inform future decisions.

To be honest, there was a whole lot more…

In totality, it was an eye opening and insightful session. Looking forward to future sessions!

Thank you EYM for hosting this platform.

O.S. from UK