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The stories in this collection were analysed by master’s students’ class of Discourse Analysis taught by Dr. Emad in British University of Dubai (BUiD). This collection has also been entered into the Kindle Storyteller Competition. Get your copy now on Amazon – Kindle or hard copy.

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This latest collection is a continuation of Uwem’s life experiences as a teacher and an expatriate living and travelling across different cities worldwide. In these his sojourns, Uwem has a history of meeting with intriguing and unconventional characters. Known for his keen observational skills, Uwem transforms ordinary daily occurrences  into extraordinary tales.

One story that exemplifies this talent is about Ikpeadiamkpo, who travels to the U.S. expecting to be hosted by Mr. Wymne, an old friend. Upon arrival, things take an unexpected turn, altering the course of Ikpeadiamkpo’s life entirely. This story, written in three parts, explores the themes of fate, human relationships, and the powerful forces that shape our destinies. It serves as a modern-day classical example of how an ordinary tale can be woven into an extraordinary narrative that keeps you gripped from beginning to end. This story has been read and analyzed as part of a master’s Discourse Analysis course at The British University in Dubai.

The collection delves into the profound idea that “When people make promises to people, they forget that a date will always be kept with posterity.” It’s a thought-provoking collection that promises to engage readers in a deep intellectual and emotional journey.

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Quote of the Day

Don’t feel discouraged when you have not yet hit success and when you hit success, don’t relent, because it is not the final bus stop

You do not hit success and stop because life is evolutionary and revolutionary.  When you set goals for yourself and have not yet hit it, do not be discouraged, keep pressing, because you have to hit it. However when you hit it, do not stop, set more goals and do not let pride set in too. Stay humble and keep pressing.

Uwem Umana
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Some people think that because they are new in a new career path or workplace, they are insufficient/inadequate and allow themselves to be cowed in. They hide under the expression “You know I am new here” and territorial people take advantage of that. Before you went to that career path or new workplace, you had something to offer and you still do have something to offer. But how can you offer your best when you are silent. Be vocal. Let your work speak for you. Make sure that whatever [...]

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The Pencil of Our Time

I have known Uwem very closely as a friend and brother for over 20 years. He represents what I would term ‘a fulfilment of purpose’.
Interestingly, Uwem first studied pure science in the University at the “instance, love and respect” of his parents. However, he did not find any form of life fulfilment until he got a fresh admission to study liberal art.

Uwem is a gifted writer, but what fascinates me more is his sense of selflessness and passion to use his God’s given talents for the benefit of other people. the creation of “Enrich your Mind” is a clear demonstration of his desire to enhance the reading habit and capacity of people, young and old. The stories are quite simple, yet captivating and easy to relate with in everyday life.

Dr. Samuel Ekong  –  NLNG

Uwem Umana breathes life and passion into his characters, in each of his narratives. He has an amazing eye for detail and great editorial instincts. Enrich your mind leaves you desiring for more. This page has my highest recommendation.

Rebecca Bangera, Educator and IT Trainer, Wales

I was privileged to have met the founder of Enrich your Mind and tap into the understanding of the great pattern of turning thoughts into things and bringing results that I desired in my life. It took shorter than I expected to get into a leadership mindset that I am still reaping dividends from. I have no doubt in my mind that Enrich Your Mind is literally about enriching young minds with the wealth of knowledge that will propel them to become great leaders.

Gideon Kariuki , Dubai UAE

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