Enrich Your Mind is an organisation that has done a lot through the years to help people improve themselves; we have done this through stories, connections and mentorship programmes. Our events and the books written by the Founder, Mr. Uwem Umana have helped shape the narratives in certain circles as spoken for in the numerous mails we receive week after week.

A Great Mentor!

Having Uwem as a mentor has been a rewarding experience. He believed in me and that made all the difference! He supported my decisions, advised me on the best possible decisions to makeand left them on the table, believing I would make the right one. What I appreciate the most is that he invokes your thought process rather than expecting you to go with his suggestion or advice. He is consistent, dependable, committed and fully devoted in genuinely helping you build your personality and achieve your goals. The time, effort, resources and work he puts into developing your ideas, and making you realise your strengths is exceptional and rare. His love for learning makes him draw inspiration from everything surrounding him; and I have had the privilege of gaining from such wisdom.

  • Rebecca Menon

A Personal Note About Uwem.

I was blessed to be mentored by Uwem, He was such a great colleague and a good friend to me. As a mentor he is competent, have appropriate knowledge and have confidence to take risks and allow students to develop within their own terms. He recognizes my strength and limitations.  Uwem always motivates me. This encouragement motivated me to move forward despite many challenges. Uwem identified and expressed my strength to instill confidence in me. He helped me to focus by setting a goal and attaining it. He encouraged me to take driving lessons, now I have a driving license. I don’t have to rely on people anymore to take me places. I am thankful.

  • Shabna Paraparambil

Hi I’m Nnenna, I’m a product manager with a background in Technology and I’ve spent the last decade building software as a business analyst and product owner. I heard about EYM from the Obaapa Womens group (where the women attend the online workshops for Uwem’s wise words on how to approach life and build a career. How to turn the ordinary to the extraordinary. I also came across EYM on the Agile Transformation Group, because Uwem sends in Daily Nuggets every morning, to sort of nourish our minds for the day. It’s been really great being a part of his circle. EYM has been positively impactful, I realise I need to take one step at a time, stop and think, not see bad results in negative light and deeply appreciate the little wins. It’s just like having a wise man help you wade through life; you always know he is there to listen and empower you, or remind you of your inner strength. Oh I certainly will recommend EYM to loads of people- I already have. The work is very useful especially to new people from the BAME ethnicity. Being African, Uwem has a way of using familiar situations, to help you think bigger. You also get a bit of nostalgia speaking to him. It’s just beautiful, I definitely recommend.

  • Nnena Stevenson

Great Read!

My love for reading has been revived by reading these short tales. Short and crispy. I have enjoyed each short story and wished it did not end. Umana is now my new fav. I have leaned so much about cultures and geography than I did at school. I can’t wait for volume 4. I highly recommend this collection.

Heartwarming tales from an authour who has clearly seen much of the world!

Wow. I must be honest I’m a young person whose love of reading has certainly been curtailed by the onslaught of easily accessible alternative forms of entertainment #netflix. As a result I really dont read many books but when I heard of this book which is more focused on short stories than long and complex tales which i admittedly prefer to watch than to read these days, my interest was piqued. What I love about this book is how it offers glimpses into the lives of people in cultures very different to mine. It’s a book that is able to drop pearls of wisdom (pun intended) without coming across like a lecture. This is a remarkable achievement for someone who is also a teacher. It’s a really great read and each story is easily digestible so I can imagine this will be a commuters favourite or a before bed time companion. Would 100% recommend you give it a try.

Joel A.

Awesome Book!

An amazing book with chapters that are going to resonate with me forever. So many important and impactful lessons to learn from reading each pages and I must say that the author’s style of writing, building up the stories and sometimes keeping the reader in suspense is so intriguing and by the time I was done reading each chapter, it felt good with the build up all coming together and it was excellently worth it.

Elvis Onobhayedo

A Book that you cannot put down

This is a fantastic read. For someone who has recently begun to rekindle their relationship with literature, this book certainly did not disappoint.

This work collates tales that bring together a whole host of cultures and relationships. The writing is intelligent, thought provoking, and finds a way of speaking directly the soul of the reader.

I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!


Kwesi Effina-Williams

My name is Eno. I’m a wife, mom, a storyteller and a writer. I am a beneficiary of the resources EYM offers. Prior to my coaching program with EYM, I used to follow on social media and also receive newsletters from EYM. The content and personality of the convener of EYM intrigued me to sign up.
I would recommend EYM to writers as well as anyone looking to enrich their scope of work and be mentored or coached by a disciplined team of people.


Hi, I am Elvis, I was born and raised in Nigeria, and I recently moved to the United Kingdom. I am privileged to get to know about EYM from the Founder and I will say that EYM has immensely enlightened, enriched, and educated me in these few years.   The weekday daily messages, storytelling, and videos from the platform have been a vital source of inspiration and this has buoyed me to think critically, positively, and it has given me so much confidence in various aspects of my life and I feel very favoured getting to know the platform. I find the messages very contemporary, impactful, insightful, and thought-provoking and it resonates with life’s vicissitudes that everyone can relate to.  I will highly recommend EYM to my family, friends and acquaintances, and I promise the values they will get from it will be profound and awe-inspiring.


I enjoyed reading every chapter of this book as each chapter shares a unique moral lesson about life and I must say the collections are great and one of my favorite chapters is the chapter about forgiveness. A great read and I surely recommend it.

Esther Imhonde

A Great Book Indeed!

The book is very intriguing, it follows a part of the life of the author on his journey through this thing we call life, it is a very interesting story to see different view points as we always get caught up with our story but reading about others perspective changes how one perceives and understand the decisions others make. If by chance you come across the book I will encourage you to give it a try and watch the page turn themselves. I look forward to the next release if there is one. Thank you for the wonderful piece of art Mr uwem.

Joel Nosa

I have come to value teachers more after reading these short stories. Teachers are like prophets who have the ability to speak life into his/her students.

I have enjoyed this collection. My favourite is the green snake in the green grass. Transparency pays. Anita represents that green snake and I am so happy that Amir decoded her straightaway.


My name is Olive Egharevba. I’m a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Married with 3 Children. Currently an employee of Seplat. I love travelling and watching documentary films. I would say that I have been greatly impacted by EYM through the numerous snippets from the founder before the switch to telegram. As a bigger platform, the telegram became yet again an enlarged resource center where beautiful poems,messages, genuine experiences, great perspective to issues are dished out daily. These have been very impactful, encouraging, uplifting and motivating to me personally. In all, EYM has increased my desire of learning and provides me the energy needed to lead tasks to completion. I would certainly recommend this wonderful and deeply enriching platform to anyone.

Olive Egharevba

Uwem Umana breathes life and passion into his characters, in each of his narratives. He has an amazing eye for detail and great editorial instincts. Enrich your mind leaves you desiring for more. This page has my highest recommendation.

Rebecca Bangera, Educator and IT Trainer, Wales