The first picture you see is very important. It is always better to see the image of success first.  If you lived in a neighbourhood where everybody was just successful at whatever they did, you will grow up wanting to be successful too. If what you saw first was failure, you will spend a considerable part of your life fighting to overcome this image, to overturn it; whereas with success, the greater energy is spent in trying to achieve success in your own chosen area. It is psychological. Science has proved this and it is important to surround yourself with images of success and successful people in their chosen areas

~ Uwem Umana

The images and environments we are exposed to, especially the first ones, play a pivotal role in shaping our perceptions, aspirations, and ultimately, our paths in life. The concept of ‘seeing is believing’ holds profound truth in the context of success and achievement. This article explores the psychological impact of being surrounded by images of success and how they can significantly influence our journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

The Impact of the First Picture

The first picture or image that imprints on our minds sets a precedent for what we perceive as achievable or desirable. If the first picture is one of success, it becomes a benchmark, a standard to aspire to. This phenomenon is not just about aspiration but also about normalization. When success is what you see first and most often, it becomes a normalized, expected outcome in your own life.

The Influence of Environment

Environment plays a crucial role in shaping mindset and ambition. Growing up or living in a neighborhood where success is the norm creates a powerful, subconscious drive to achieve. It instills a belief system where success is not just a possibility but an expectation. This environment acts as a constant motivator, pushing individuals to strive for excellence in their chosen fields.

Overcoming the Image of Failure

Conversely, being surrounded by images or instances of failure can create a mental barrier that requires considerable effort to overcome. It’s a battle against a negative imprint, a struggle to redefine what’s possible. While overcoming such challenges can be empowering, it requires more energy and resilience compared to an environment where success is the norm.

The Science Behind Visualization

Scientific studies have shown that visualization can significantly impact our ability to achieve goals. Seeing images of success, whether through physical examples in our environment or through mental visualization exercises, can enhance motivation, increase confidence, and improve performance. It’s a technique often used by athletes, entrepreneurs, and achievers in various fields to manifest their goals.

Surrounding Yourself with Success

To harness the power of this phenomenon, it’s important to consciously surround yourself with images and examples of success. This could mean spending time with successful individuals, consuming media that showcases success stories, or creating a personal environment that reflects the success you aspire to achieve. It’s about creating a visual and mental landscape where success is not just a distant dream but a tangible, achievable reality.


In conclusion, the images and environments we expose ourselves to have a profound impact on our psyche and our life trajectories. By choosing to surround ourselves with success, we can align our mindset and efforts towards achieving our own version of it. It’s a psychological strategy grounded in science, offering a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. Remember, the first picture matters – make it one of success, and let it guide you towards realizing your own aspirations.

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